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If you don’t already know Victoria, get ready to remember her name

Interview by Jess Maldonado



ictoria Monét first emerged on the music scene with her 2014’s “Nightmares and Lullabies”. Her profile rose when she opened for Ariana Grande on her “Dangerous Woman” tour, right before releasing her project Life After Love Pt 1. Monet, who was born in Sacramento but moved to Los Angeles shortly after high school, got her start doing background singing and dancing for various artists. As a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and dancer, she has written for the likes of Chris Brown, Nas, Ariana Grande, and Fifth Harmony.

We had the pleasure of working with Monét and interviewing her exclusively for This Bitch and to give her current fans and possibly new fans a closer look of this incredibly talented artist.

Get to know Victoria with this exclusive interview!

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♥ Hey congrats on your latest video release for Freak, we really loved it and have added it to our summer playlist.  We actually want to take this interview in a slightly different direction and discuss things that some of your fans, might not know about, such as your songwriting. How did you get into that? ♥

It started with poetry exchanges between a cousin and I, but I always had sticky melodies in my head with no lyrics. As faith would have it, I eventually put them together and discovered the magical healing power of self expression through song writing.

♥ You’ve written hits for Ariana Grande, Nas, Fifth Harmony and many more! Who was the first artist you wrote for and how did it feel hearing that song through their voice for the first time? ♥

The first artist I wrote for was myself. When I first started, I wasn’t even aware that it was an option to write for other people. I assumed everyone just did it themselves. I think writing for myself gave me perspective and I was able to explore my creativity in hiding and grow before plunging myself into such a personal industry where your art/soul is being judged materialistically.

♥ Is this what led you to making your own music, or was it a simultaneous endeavor? ♥

Music for myself cams first, and then I explored the opportunities to write for others.

♥ Circling back to your new music, how does it feel seeing your continuous rising views? ♥

I honestly feel very behind. With social media, and public comments etc it’s really hard not to compare yourself to the success of close peers or those who are similar to you (not maliciously of course). I get so inspired and hopeful in big waves, but sometimes it feels like I’ve been working in full speed but the results are in slow motion. Stuck in jello. I do know that it takes years to be an overnight success, so I have my patient hat on. I’m just grateful I can put food on the table by doing what I really really love.

♥ Seeing your latest music video felt very nostalgic to the early 2000’s, was this intentional? Do any musicians of that era inspire your music?♥

I’m very inspired my the 90s/early 2000s. I think it brings back good good feelings. Back then in my head, the world was such a dope place to be! It had a viiiibe. I wanna feel like that again!

♥ I know many artist get asked the same question, but what is your process with making music? Do you have any special locations that help you write your music? ♥

Mmm I’m not too particular about studio traditions but I do love working with musicians. They just know the right things to play. Besides that  I could write anywhere. Especially places that sound like the shower lol I love places with natural reverb so the shower is a great place to sing.

Jersey: Joyrich | Skirt: Eva Franco | Earrings: Colette Malouf | Necklace: The2Bandits & Seven Saints | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell



♥ What hobbies do you have? Any special talents no one knows about? ♥

Well now I can pole dance lol. I learned for the freak music video, so now I got that in my back pocket just for my boyfriend.

♥ Other than music, is there anything else you would like to pursue? ♥

I would love to get into acting, writing movie scripts and scoring.

♥ Should we be expecting anything big or new this half of the year? ♥

Yes!! Life After Love pt 2 is coming this summer so be on the look out for that!

Stream Victoria’s Latest Album, “Life After Love, Pt.1” below and be sure to grab it on Apple Music.

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