Golden Summer

The magic of a golden summer resinates in the air, nothin can make you feel more alive than the warmth on your skin and breeze through your hair. This exact magic was captured by Allegra in the beauty of the landscape and in both Madi and Jena.

Yellow top: Halogen | Pants: Top Shop | Belt: Helmut Lang | Shoes: Zara
Puffer Coat: Gosha-Rubchinskiy X Adidas | Tennis shirt: Reebok | Boots: Doc Martens
Top: Helmut Lang | Pants: Loft | Belt: Helmut Lang | Shoes: Zara


This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer: Allegra Messina | @messinaphotos
Stylist: Marina Florea | @whatju_wearing
Stylist Assistant: Lina Shcherb | @lightofgrass
Makeup & Hair: Irene Deneen | @irene_deneen
Models: Madi Landram | @madi_landram and Jena Utaski | @jenautaski 
Art: Julie Jordan | @juliejordann_
Agency: Heffner Management | @heffnermanagement

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