The Olympian

Following model Anastasia as she explores the aesthetic and mind of a greek goddess in this online exclusive editorial. Styled in gold and jewels to embody and personify the deities of Mount Olympus. Read on and be captivated by her beauty and grace.


Gown: M&L Mirror | Necklace and arm cuff: Elena Estaun | Shoes: Cuple
Dress: M&L MIRROR | Earrings: LOLA CASADEMUNT | Belt: CUSTO BARCELONA | Fur boots: LOLA & LO

This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photography: Frank Mijares | @frankmijares
Styling and Art Direction: Vesa Perakyla | @vesaperakyla represented by @tomfolwarkowmanagement
Make up and Hair: Gino Mateus | @ginomateus using Bumble and Bumble represented by @tomfolwarkowmanagement
Make up and Hair Assistant: Josefina Nicolas | @jochunicolas
Model: Anastasia | @anastasiapeshkun
Agency: Traffic Models | @trafficmodels 

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