Lost Youth

Since young, we are taught to identify clothes that define masculinity and femininity, disregarding one’s personal preference: boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink. This editorial blurs the lines between the distinction of men and women sartorial choices that doesn’t force one into a box.

Blue stripe textured jersey: Zara (Men) | Red bomber jacket: Zara (Men) |Silver shiny skirt with red and blue elastic waist band: Zara (Kids) | Red beret: ASOS | Glasses: Christian Dior (vintage)
Mesh tank top: ASOS | PU coated jacket: Dhruv Kapoor | Briefs: Calvin Klein | Pants: Topman | Sneakers: Fila | Pink quilted hat: Aldo | Pink quilted hat: Aldo
Turtle neck sweater dress: Zara | Corset: Zara | Cuff: Balenciaga | Hoop Earrings: Massimo Dutti
Red newsboy cap: Zara | Red jacket: Zara (Men) | Hoop Earrings: Massimo Dutti
Glasses: Christian Dior Vintage | Choker: ASOS | Green sweater: Ivy Park | Denim jumper dress: Zara | Faux fur sandals: Aldo | Cuff: Balenciaga
Pink quilted hat: Aldo | Earrings: Aldo | Black T-Shirt: Mennace | Shorts: Zara | Shoes: Fila

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Photography: Rosemarie Yang | @rosemarieyang
Styling and Grooming: Ann-Marie Yang | @annmarieyang
Creative Direction: Shelton Chang | @sheltonnnnnn and Ann-Marie Yang | @annmarieyang
Model: Shelton | @sheltonnnnnn and Mei | @yiumeiki
Agnecy: Basic Models | @basicmodels


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