Shadow Play

Shadow Play

Photographer & Stylist Krzysztof Wyzynski creates a peaceful scene playing playing with sunlight and shadow within this online exclusive editorial. Natalia Gumieniak is styled in stunning printed pieces by Sandra Kpodonou, Sfera, Rafal Piotrak and Mankhaseo. As makeup and hair artist Magdalena Lola Klaman brings complexion to whirling heights of shadowy silhouettes.

Jacket: Sandra Kpodonou

Leather Dress: Sandra Kpodonou

Bra Top: Senveniu | Dress: Mankhaseo

Lace Dress: Mankhaseo brand | Brooches: Rafal Piotrak

Top and Shorts: Sandra Kpodonou

This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer and Stylist: Krzysztof Wyzynski | @wyzynski
Hair and Makeup Artist: Magdalena Lola Klaman | @lollalla
Model: Natalia Gumieniak | @nat_gumis
Agency: Wave Models | @wavemodels