De rerum natura

‘De rerum natura ”from the ancient roman poet Lucretius, shot by Flavia Daniele takes vision of Venus: a sensual goddess who gives life and love to all the elements of the earth. With enchanting fashion by Eugenia Book, model Valentina Levoria is done up to the nines with dreamy makeup by Emanuele Alteri.


Coat: Coup de Theater | Body​: Chromosome6 | Skirt​: Chromosome6 | Earrings​: Vintage Piece


Headgear​: Hand made | Top​: Italo Marseglia | Shirt​: Chromosome6 | Ring​: Orogami | Coulotte​: Vintage Piece 1950

Headgear​: Chromosome6 | Top​: Chromosome6 | Collier​: Coup de Theater | Coulotte​: Vintage Piece 1930 | Tights​: Philippe Matignon | Shoes​: Schutz


Headgear​: Chromosome6 | Shirt​: Italo Marseglia | Rings​: Orogami | Coulotte​: Vintage Piece 1920 | Tights​: Calzedonia | Shoes​: Steve Madden

Dress​: Chromosome6 |Neck​lace: Hand Made | Earrings: Chromosome6 | Gloves​: Chromosome6 | Ring​: Orogami | Coulotte​: Vintage Piece 1950 | Boots​: pockmark

Headgear​: Chromosome6 | Blouse​: Chromosome6 | Necklace​: Orogami | Skirt​: Italo Marseglia | Tights​: Philippe Matignon | Shoes​: Steve Madden


Headgear​: Hand Made | Dress​: Chromosome6 | Earrings​: Chromosome6 | Coulotte​: Vintage Piece 1920 | Boots​: pockmark



Dress​: Chromosome6 | Earrings​: Coup de Theater | Collier​: Orogami | Necklace​: Orogami | Rings​: Orogami | Tights​: Calzedonia | Mule feathers​: Top Shop Unique


This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer: Flavia Daniele | @pasteltraces
Stylist: Eugenia Book | @eubook
Makeup & Hair: Emanuele Alteri | @emanuelealterimakeup
Model: Valentina Levorin | @valentinalevorin
Agency: Maba Management | @mabamanagement
Casting: Marcela Bantea | @marcelabantea

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