“Sleek” is an editorial shot by María Fernanda González that plays with glow, color, and light. Shiny elements were used in the clothing and makeup to interact with the lighting. The team created a unique plastic world that was captured with analogue photography techniques.


Skirt & Dress: Mango | Boots: Mango | Bag: Zara

Jacket : Zara,| Necklace: Bimba y Lola | Boots: Mango

Jacket & Boots: Kling | Bra: Undiz

Necklace: Bimba y Lola

Jacket & Earrings: Mango | Shoes: Kling


This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photography: María Fernanda González | @mafergonzalezphoto
Photo Assistant: Maria Paula Muñoz  | @bailacomoanalacubana
Stylist: Cristina Pérez | @dessigner.cristina
Make-up: Susana Monrabal | @sussivc
Model: Masha Keidj | @keidjmaria
Agency: Francina Models | @francinamodels

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