Turbo Kids

Photography by Metelkin Mikhail takes us to a world of futuristic and play in this online exclusive. Stylists Diana KLS and Nika Veron explores the art of futuristic layering dressing models Svetlana Khollis and Lesha Shilov. Makeup artist Sasha Boston draws on futuristic hints of neon and geometric inventiveness. 

On Svetlana: Jumpsuit: Dokuchaeva | Corset: Pepi Moscow | Vest: A Shade More | Points: Maozoo 928 | Strap: Stradivarius @stradivarius | Sneakers: Nike — On Lesha: T-shirt: Dokuchaeva | Pants: maozoo 928 | Turtleneck: Maozoo 928 | Points: Maozoo 928 | Sneakers: Zara


On Svetlana: Suit: Dokuchaeva | Corset: Dokuchaeva | Belt: Dokuchaeva | Gloves: Stylist Property | Bag: Topshop | Shoes: H&M | Points: Arhivator — On Lesha: Suit: Dokuchaeva | T-shirt: H&M | Shoes: Zara | Points: Dokuchaeva 

On Svetlana: Skirt: Dokuchaeva | Shirt: Maozoo928 | Vest: Obi | Glasses and headphones: Obi | Shoes: Carlo Pazolini — On Lesha: Pants: Pepi Moscow | Shirt: Ashademore | Sneakers: Zara | Points: Obi 

On SvetlanaShirt: Maozoo 928 | Dress: Pepi Moscow | Gloves: Obi | Shoes: H&M — On LeshaT-shirt: H&M | Pants: Maozoo 928 | Coat: Dokuchaeva | Bag: Dokuchaeva | Sneakers: Zara

This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer: Metelkin Mikhail | @mtk_digital_photography
Fashion stylists: Diana KLS | @diana_klsNika Veron | @nikaveron
Makeup and Hair: Sasha Boston | @sbostonbeauty
Models: Svetlana Khollis | @khollisyLesha Shilov | @lesha_neshilov



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