Photographer Sylwia Wozniak captures nordic elegance on camera in a graphic editorial online. Fashion takes an opulent slant, care of Dariusz Kowalski, as model Barbie Vineyard brings together simplicity and extravagance. Makeup by Flora Geng knock the scene out of this world.

Jacket: Aleksandra Seweryniak | Scarf: IXK-Studio | Earrings: Chin Menswear Intl. x ATELIER D’ORNEMENTS | Boots: Kinga Kasinska | Gloves by CAR|2IE | Bag: The Changing Factor

Earrings: Car2ie | Coat: Kinga Kasinska | Dress: Aleksandra Seweryniak | Boots: Kinga Kasinska

Earrings: Car2ie | Dress: Aleksandra Seweryniak | Boots: Kinga Kasinska

Scarf: IXK-Studio | Trousers & Coat: Aleksandra Seweryniak | Boots: Kinga Kasinska

Jewelry, gloves and shirt: Aleksandra Seweryniak | Waistcoat: Car2ie

Earrings: FEIHEFEIHEFEIHE | Mask: Monika Pierzchala | Jacket and Trousers: Aleksandra Seweryniak | Shoes: Polina Magily

This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer: Sylwia Wozniak | @snowhitephotography
Stylist: Dariusz Kowalski | @dariuszdariusz
Make up: Flora Geng | @floragengmakeup
Model: Barbie Vineyard | @barbie_vineyard
Agency: D1 Models | @d1models

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