“Primavera” a fashion story inspired in the famous Sandro Boticcelli’s painting. The story itself is an allegory, a metaphor in which a character, place or event is used to deliver a broader message about real-world issues and occurrences. It aims to represent the lush growth of Spring by depicting a group of figures from “classic mythology” in a garden. So ironically It is what It is depicted, three girls creating a bond and celebrating the joy of life from a raw attitude to develop a friendship between them, while outside of this capsule the world is falling in pieces.

The brands that were sponsored in this photo-shoot were no less powered by Young British Designers. Such as Clio Pepiatt, Eudon Choi, LF Markey, Beaumont Organic, Steven Tai, Florence Bridge, Moon Lee Artwear and Teija Eilola.

As well as Sophie-Cull Candy which is a Womenswear and Jewelry brand handmade in London seen in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE.

In this first outfit, starting from the left. Georgia is wearing “Red Glove T” and “Pink Glitter Hoops”. Daisy is wearing the “Glove Corset”. And Kerry is wearing the “Pink Glove T” and “Pink Glitter Hoops” earrings. All from Sophie-Cull Candy.

Starting from the left, Kerry is wearing the Wave Ruffle Dress from Steven Tai as well as a the “Heartbreak Embroidered Evening Bag” from Clio Peppiatt. Daisy, in the middle, is wearing the “Light Violet Shirt Dress” from Moon Lee Artwear holding the “Bianca Fluffy Crossbody Bag in Black” from Florence Bridge. In the right, Georgia is wearing “Poppy Satin Gloves” from Sophie-Cull Candy, wearing “Lachie Trousers in Chambray” from LF Markey. Daisy and Georgia are wearing “Hand earrings in Red” from Sophie-Cull Candy.

From the left, Georgia is wearing “Harriet Dress in Black &White Gingham” from Eudon Choi, with a hand drawn reclaimed leather jacket and the “Gold Glitter Hoops” earrings both from Sophie-Cull Candy. Daisy is wearing the “Joshua Polo Ecro in Wool” from LF MARKEY styled with the “White Broderie Anglaise On/Off Shoulder Blouse” from Teija Eilola, wearing the “Rachel Trouser in Camel Cotton” from Eudon Choi with the “Pink Glitter Discs” earrings from Sophie Cull- Candy. On the right, Kerry is wearing the “Yara Organic Cotton Dress in Cranbury” from Beaumont Organic wearing the “Pink Golden Hoops” earrings from Sophie-Cull Candy.


This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Styling and Creative Direction: Ra Fernand | @balaclavachic
Photographer: Angie Farrell | @_angiefarrell
Hair: Gordon Chappels |
Make-Up: Jasmine Hamilton | @lovehughmua
Models: Daisy Delancey | @babycakesdaisy , Georgia Sandle | @gia.lily and Kerry | @its_kerro
Agency: Nevs Models | @nevsmodels

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