With a series of close-ups, mid- and full-shots, photographer Alejandro Romero captures fierce model Camila Espinosa‘s unapologetic beauty, her playful movements and poses in this online editorial.

Coat: Superstition | Body: Superstition | Wings Necklace: Guess | Boots: Ant

Body: Superstition | Skirt: Nora Parada | Shoes: Melisa | Earrings: Uterqüe | Necklaces: Porfois

Suit & Corset: Superstition | Body: Nane Wear | Earrings: Uterqüe | Boots: ACNÉ

Top & Bottom: David Barcena | Harness: David Barcena | Pants & Belt: Zara

Jacket: Diablo | Bottom: David Barcena | Top: ETAM | Bag: Ximbles


This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer: Alejandro Romero | @alejandroromerophoto
Model: Camila Espinosa | @camilaespinosa99
Agency: Boga Models | @bogamodels
Styling: Cesar Guzman | @guzpi
Makeup and Hair: Leo Speroni | @leosperoni