Our Creative Director Jess Maldonado had the opportunity to have a one on one phone call with Rena from Hey Violet to chat it up and talk about what’s new to come with the band, read the full interview down below!

Jess: Hi Rena, nice to meet you, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me.   

Rena: Thank you. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. How are you doing?    

J: Thanks for asking, I’m doing well yourself?    

R: I’m so good. I’m excited to talk to you   

J: Awesome. (laughs) Where are you? Where are you right now? Are you in LA? 

R: I am in Los Angeles, Um So I’m actually in my house in the valley and uh… yeah.. just chillin here..   

J: Wow! Well, I would love to be over there. It’s like so cold right now in the city, in New York.  It’s apparently going to snow tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to that? Too early too early for November

R: Haha oh my god, I can’t imagine, the snow we never get it!    

J: Oh my god, but I just want to say congratulations on the release. I’m literally obsessed with the song, the video. I love the wardrobe. Yes! How does it feel? 

Awww thank you so much. I feel good, I mean, obviously, it feels amazing just to put it out.  The fans like came to be loving it with you know, we love them and they just are like super supportive, you know, with all of the new music and all of that, like we just were so appreciative of that and yeah it’s just been its kind of been like wild because, you know, we have like stuff we have to release and whatnot and it was just like, you know, release after release after release and I was like, omg we’re actually, it makes me feel happy to be putting out music. You know, making music videos for every song that we’re putting out. I think that’s really cool. Like a visual aspect to each story, you know. 

J: That’s awesome! I read somewhere that there was like an earthquake. Is that true?   

R: Oh my god. So we actually so for the song ” Clean” has the lyric video that actually me and  Casey completely made by 100%. They did like claymation and were filming it and you know, it was like, claymation, stop motion, you know, like you to cut each photo, you know what I mean? There were like 1000 tapes for like one second or something like that. And an earthquake happened in the middle of their filming. So it has to say, you know, the camera to stay in the same place to be cohesive, and they had an earthquake. Oh my god! We’re so lucky to like tape everything down. We know where everything is. But yeah, we have a  couple of earthquakes here. I remember I was sleeping when I woke up and I felt it. Like, oh,  everything shaking haha! 

J: Oh my god!!! It’s like my worst fear. I’ve never gone through an earthquake. I always pray every time I go to LA like, I don’t want to be in that situation. I just feel like there’s no way out.

R: Totally, you just kind of have to deal with it and hope that your stuff doesn’t fall down or glass doesn’t break and like you know luckily it was a 4.4 something, you know being in  California we get kind of used to it so unless it’s like you know an 8.0 something it’s kinda like wow an earthquake is happening! 

J: My god no that’s my fear I rather stick to hurricanes, I’m from Florida so I rather just deal with a hurricane than an earthquake.   

R: Damn, we are totally the opposite, I’m like hurricanes freak me out!  

J: Hahaha but honestly like the video was amazing like I just love the undertone that it’s you know about messy breakups because you know it gets messy, but I just love the video that’s just 1950s it just gives me a whole mood of like, just be classy and then sassy at the same time, what was the significance of the song, the backstory?   
R: Of the video? or the song?    

J: I think the song, yes, both in a way. 

R: So basically, this is actually a song that I didn’t write, but I felt like really connected to it the first time I heard it. It was written by Ingrid Andress, AJ Prius, and Derek Sutherland. And they’re just incredible writers and they pitched this and we heard it and immediately liked a  clip. And basically, what you know how I interpret the song is, you know when you go through a breakup, and it just kind of like, stopped cold turkey and everything. You try to almost like convince everyone that you’re okay and convince everyone that like, it didn’t really affect you and like you’re good enough why I feel like you know, I think clean so many times in the song like almost trying to like deny that in a relationship even though it is like this celebratory song that’s like really freeing and everything like I think that’s like the first layer of it but then there are the second layers like almost trying to go down in my cold and convince yourself it doesn’t affect you. You know and that’s what I feel like is cohesive with the video is because you know I’m obsessively cleaning, I’m like vacuuming the lawn you know, which is just like the 1950s like obsessive-compulsive like housewives you know, just trying to like, get rid of like all the memory, you know, I mean, so. And then, of course, a  happy aspect of life, I feel kind of like, are like two layers of the song in the video going with it.    

J: Yeah and then they gave me the vibe to when with Casey and Nia showed and  Casey throwing confetti in your face as he reminded me personally, my friends because I went through a breakup and honestly, my best friends they were just there for me, they really got me through all the hardships. So that part kind of reminded me of when they both showed up in the scene and started comforting you, it just gave me the vibe of my best friends.   

R: Absolutely, I feel like there were like, you know, of course, there’s like Casey joking around and at one point and then like, you know, we’re both like trying stuff and it was just like such a natural theme. Because that’s just what the three of us do with each other’s we’re just like joking around and messing around. And if one of us is going through with something, we are there for each other 100% and so, you know those scenes of like, playing with the dresses and Casey lays on the bed and then the confetti and Nia entering the room and I’m doing her hair was just so natural because we’re always there for each other anyway.    

J:  Exactly, that’s exactly how it is with my best friend so it hit home for me. Is this the first song is this going to be an album or an EP?    

R: So we’re actually just kind of like, we’ve released these four songs. And then, of course, we’re constantly writing constantly recording I just recorded something two days ago, and then we have like, an interview after this. So we’re just trying to keep busy and kinda see what happens you know, we’re open to really an EP and album, doing anything. But right now we’re just kind of like putting the songs out and of course, you know we want to get on a  tour hopefully early next year so that may be in the works and you know just hopefully keep writing and recording we love doing that you know it’s like a creative outlet so I don’t see us stopping anytime soon.    

J: Gotcha, gotcha, and then the song you just recorded, when should we expect that soon? I  love Clean already and can’t wait to hear the next one.   

R: Thank you so much. 

J: That’s awesome! And do you know when that should we expect that like a month from now  or two months? Are you guys gonna do a video again?   

R: We actually have something coming out this week that’s related to “Clean” and clean is kind  of like the big song for us, we really really love that one. So there’s a couple more things  coming out. And then like I said, just trying to get on like a tour for early next year and stuff  like that. But as far as like, whatever coordinate goes.

 J: Yes, it’s making headway the song just released and you guys already about to hit 200 k  views, which is like amazing!   

R: I know. It’s crazy!!!   

Photo By: Elizabeth Miranda

J: I was like, whoa, whoa! That’s awesome. And I’ve actually been in contact with your team to  have you guys in the magazine and I think I caught you guys when you guys were on tour,  but how was that? I mean, how was the tour? Were there any standout shows from you  know a city that you remember the most? 

R: Um, so with that, like recently?   

J: Yes, I think it was like I think it was around July I think yeah we’ve been trying to get you  guys to shoot but you guys were touring and everything.   

R: So actually that little tour was super quick, but it was like, so fun. We had four shows, we  started in San Francisco, and went to LA. And then we went to I believe, DC and then New  York so then there were like four incredible shows. You know, we played all four new songs.  And by the second show, without anything even being released, just like all of our friends  and family like we’re singing the lyrics and I was just like I started like tearing up on the  stage because I was like omg people love the songs. 

J: So I’m assuming that was like your favorite moment?  

R: Yeah, no, seriously, I was just like, you know, I saw them singing and it’s like, you know,  “Clean” really hits home for me so do the other songs and so you know, when I saw them  sing the lyrics, I was like, oh my god. This is like, We’re also connected, you know, through  these lyrics like however anyone interprets them it just connects us with all of these  emotions that we have, you know what I mean? Like we are all human and don’t divide us  and make us come together.   

J: Aww I’m tearing up, did you guys have like a meet and greet after like, what was the craziest  fan interactions you guys had?      

R: So I mean we’ve had a few different ones you know, that tour was pretty good, we didn’t get  too wild, we’re all kind of like, you know, it’s funny because like, we’re all in our early 20s but  we don’t like to party anymore. Like we I feel like we do a little bit but like, honestly, we’re  like, in bed by like, me. I’m like, late. It’s like 10pm I’m like, whoa, I’m wiped out.   

J:    Haha same! 

R: It was actually a pretty chill tour. But in the past, we’ve had, like, people, like come on our  tour bus and we’re making them tea for them and like, we didn’t care, like we’re just like,  you know, we just love the people that love our music and you know, and I feel like, you  know, they, they want to feel connected to us as much as we want to feel connected to that,  you know, we go out of our way to, like meet the people that are listening to our music,  because we care about like their personalities and their lives. So, you know, I just there was,  you know, we had meet and greets after that. So, you know, the most recent tour and we  kinda don’t call them meet and greets, we just kind of went out and said hello to everyone  cause we wanted too. And, you know, there was one time it was like raining really bad, but I  was like, You know what, I don’t care. Ima stay out here because I just I love everyone here  you know, fuck If I get sick I think it’s like the second the last show I’ll be fine.     

Photo By: Elizabeth Miranda

J: That’s really cool and like while you guys are touring like who’s the funniest like you, Nia or  Casey? What do you guys do? Besides touring, do you guys go bowling? Do you guys go out  like who’s the funniest in the group?   

R: I mean I would say that like, you know we play a lot of card games we play a game called  rummy it’s like a you know it’s a card game and we love playing that and then we’ll play like  dice games there’s this one called please and you know I like I’ve in the past.We get these  you know, we get money per day on for for food and stuff and I would you know, we were  Like bet on the dice games, and I would get all of my food money away but you know, I just  loved playing so much and we really late into the night like 3am but now we love  sightseeing, you know, like every every place we go and I try to get out, get a cruiser even if  it’s still in the United States like I still want to try like different places and stuff like that,  cause you know not every state has what the other states have and we try different  restaurants and stuff like that I just try and sight-see as much as possible just because you  know like I love traveling and I just want to see and find as much as I can and find it like so beautiful to just explore.  

J: Are there any cities that you’re interested in going in right now at the moment to tour or to travel?   

R: You know, I love going to Australia, I would like to go back there. I love the US, Texas is really  cool, travel as much often, Houston as well like just all of those places are just so rich and  just stuff to do. Do you know what I mean? Like there’s so many activities, museums, art  districts, you know I just love doing that and then I love going out of the country you know  to like to play Europe to like Paris and Spain and you know. We actually went to this like Vegan restaurant in Barcelona a few years ago and on my like Google Maps or Apple Maps or whatever. And I was like, I need to go back here like this is amazing. And the restaurant  was on this like, beautiful like, cobblestones and just like it was just incredible. Like, I can’t  even explain it and then like I go to Paris, I go to the catacombs, I don’t know if you know  what that is?    

J: Yes, it’s like the biggest mass grave.

R: Exactly! yes and I went alone one time and was like floored, waited like an hour and a half  and I just went in and I loved it. It was kind of creepy and cool and that’s like stuff that I’m  really into. So I definitely love exploring inclusion.

J: Oh, that’s scary but cool at the same time. Yeah, I haven’t gone to Europe personally, but I’m  dying to go. I think I want to go to Egypt, actually. 

Photo by: Valentina Cytrynowicz

R: Oh my god, I would love to go to Egypt. We gotta make a trip there. How about that?    

J: Let’s do it!! I’m so excited you guys are going to go on the road. I mean, definitely if you guys  are coming to the city, you’ll see me there.

R: Awww that’s sooo sweet, thank you so much, I can’t wait to see you in person. 

J: Yeah, no problem. And I just have one more question. What is the goal that you guys want  for this new year?    

R: The overall goal, that’s it? You know, that’s a really good question because I have like, so  many. I think obviously, we’d love to go on tour. That’s like a that’s a goal of ours. You know, I  know we’ve been on tour before but you know, we just constantly want to keep, like, playing  shows like that’s what I feel most alive, you know. I mean, other other than that, we just want  to keep putting out more music and just, you know, honestly just reaching as many people  as we possibly can and you know, and hopefully just like touch people’s hearts, you know  what I mean? Like, that’s something that it’s not the purpose for us. It’s like we want to  actually connect with the people listening to our music. So I think a big goal of ours is to talk  to our fans even more, meet new people, go on tour and just, you know, like, casually take  over the world.

J: Yup, there it you go! I think that’s amazing, to just play music, live music actually. And just  let the people feel it. I think that’s the best.   

R: Yeah, it’s amazing.   

J: Well, definitely. I cannot wait, Clean was a BANGER! I’m obsessed with the song, cannot wait  to hear more music, when you guys are here, I will tell Kevin your PR, hey, let me know  cause I sooo wanna go!!   

R: Absolutely, for sure you got a backstage pass and everything.   

J: Thank you so much. I appreciate you talking to us, This Bitch   

R: Yes, yes, yes. Thank you so much and I hope you have a great rest of your day! 

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