Are You Washing Your Face Properly?

The Master Guide to Facial Cleansing


If there’s one thing Team One Love Organics (OLO) absolutely loves, it’s teaching you how to wash your face for glowing results. But today, we’re telling you what not to do. We’re highlighting the top three most common mistakes women make when it comes to cleansing. Have you been sabotaging your beauty routine with any of these?

Mistake #1: Skipping out on cleansing

Let’s face it, sometimes you stay out too late or sleep through your alarm clock and decide to forego a face wash. We’ve all been there, but making a habit out of this beauty faux pas can seriously sabotage your skin. The bacteria, sunscreen, makeup, dirt, dust, pollution, and natural oils that accumulate on your face during the day and night mean that washing your face is the most important step in your beauty routine.

The fix: Wash your face morning and night, no matter what. You’ll notice a glowing difference — we promise!

Mistake #2: Washing with water that’s too hot

While washing your face with very hot water may feel wonderfully stimulating, fight the urge! As the most sensitive skin on your body, your facial skin has a natural oil barrier that maintains skin integrity. Not only can hot water strip the skin of this protective barrier, it can also cause dilation of blood vessels and cause breaks in our delicate skin tissue. All of this can potentially lead to side effects like dry, itchy, or flaky skin.

The fix: Always go with lukewarm water for washing your face. It’s ideal for properly cleansing without causing potential damage.

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Mistake # 3: Using face cleanser to remove makeup

You may be wondering why using a face cleanser to remove makeup is a mistake. Oh, let us count the ways. Many makeup products are smudge-proof, waterproof, or “long-wear,” which means basic face cleansers can’t thoroughly remove them. Additionally, water-based face cleansers can’t remove oil-based grime like natural oil build-up, sunscreens, and heavy makeup.

The fix: The OLO double cleanse! Remove oil-based grime like makeup with an oil-based cleanser before following up with a foaming cleanser to remove water-based dirt like dust and sweat. Try the Double Cleanse Kit to experience your freshest skin ever.

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Honorable mention: Not moisturizing directly after cleansing

This isn’t 100 percent related to cleansing but it’s so important it deserves a mention! Always moisturize your skin directly after cleansing while the skin is damp.This will keep the skin hydrated and soft and will allow your favorite facial oil or serum to absorb into (rather than sit on top of) the skin.

When is the best time to wash your face?

Should you be washing your face in the morning or just at night? This is the number-one question we get on facial cleansing. Today we are clearing up the “when to cleanse” question once and for all.

Yes! Always wash in the morning. Here’s why:

In addition to germs from your pillowcase, the bacteria from your saliva and oils from your hair find their way to your face and eyes during the night. A quick wash in the morning will remove these irritants.

A bonus to the morning face cleanse? It’s the best way to refresh and prep your skin to absorb the other skincare products you apply. We recommend a soothing, non-drying, foam cleanser like Easy Does It for a simple morning cleanse that softens and helps protect the skin.

The nighttime face cleanse

It goes without saying that cleansing at night is a must. Besides makeup, our skin builds up sweat, natural oils, dirt, and pollution during the day that can cause skin woes of all kinds if not properly removed.

The absolute best way to cleanse everything off your face is with a double cleanse. One Love Organics’ Double Cleanse Kit will soon be available to revolutionize your nightly cleansing routine

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