“Baby How’s Your Day,” JOYNER’S Romantic Escape

No matter what has happened or how hard the world hits you, four simple words can change everything in an instant. “Baby How’s Your Day” captures that essence of a dreamy space when time doesn’t matter, because when you’re with the person you love.

I know that if you’re like me, you’re always on the look out for new artist to jam out to, so I totally recumbent you check out the indie-pop sister duo JOYNER. With a happier-vibe and totally refreshing mood, JOYNER is my go-to for my summer and fall jam out sessions.

The group is made up of sisters Summer and Torrey, two ultra talented girls who have been sining, playing instruments, co-producing music, co-directing their own videos, and not to mention self styling some serious #aestheticgoals!

We had the pleasure of interviewing these gorgeous sisters and presenting our readers with some stunning new imagery from JOYNER!

Source: Lindsey Kusterman

Who is JOYNER? Can you please introduce yourselves?

We are sisters and we make up the band JOYNER. We love whimsical melodies mixed with some funk and groove.

If you girls could collaborate with any artist living or deceased who would it be and why?

Summer: Paul McCartney. He is a living legend yet he seems like a down to earth dude. Would be epic.

Torrey: Prince. Though we never met him personally, now that he’s gone it feels like he’s with us everywhere. He understood the spiritual aspects of music and sound, getting to make a song with him would be a dream.

How would you describe your sound? Where do you draw inspiration?

People have compared us to Lana Del Rey and HAIM, but we like to call it “dream pop” because it kind of feels like you’re floating on a cloud when you listen.

Most of our lyrics are inspired by situations we’re going through and the landscape around us. Musically, when we’re building a song we really find inspiration through playing with different sounds until they start to resonate with us, then we build from there.

What kind of impression do you guys wanna make on the music industry or even in pop culture?

We just hope to keep making music that people can relate to and enjoy listening to as much as we enjoy creating it.

What can we expect next from JOYNER? An EP or an album perhaps?

We’re currently writing for our full length and will be back in the studio and on the road soon!

Source: Lindsey Kusterman

Stream JOYNER’s album featuring “Baby How’s Your Day,” below and be sure to grab it on Apple Music.

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