June 28, 2022


The NFT collection, consisting of 10,666 pfps (or characters) on the Ethereum blockchain, features intricate, symbolic layers designed by Baby Yors.

Together with a team of Web3 experts, Argentine musician and visual artist Baby Yors announced today the release of “Los Diablos,” a collection of 10,666 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Rebellious, unique,  colorful and multicultural, the collection and all of its intricate layers were exclusively designed by Baby. 

The artwork is inspired by the Carnival rituals of Jujuy, Baby’s hometown in the north mountains of Argentina. During the festive rituals, citizens let the devil “be among them,” releasing their inhibitions through wild joy and dance. 
Los Diablos brings this tradition to Web3 for everyone to experience. The collection will also be promoted and represented at table #77 at this year’s NFT NYC event from June 21 – 23, where you can meet Baby Yors and his team in person and get whitelisted to be one of the first to own a Los Diablos NFT. 
The collection arrives on the heels of the release Baby’s latest single and video, “Freak Out the People,” which features closely related visuals and themes, and also pays homage to his roots.
“I was raised in a conservative, largely Catholic city, and the image of the devil was always used against anyone who was different or acted to the rhythm of their own heartbeat,” Baby Yors says of the concept behind the collection. “My queerness singled me out and became my strength. This collection, and the song behind it, represent liberation for queer people, independent thinkers, rebels and anyone who’s alienated. Web3 is expanding the possibilities of art, and it’s a perfect place to expand these ideas in a way that anyone can enjoy.”
baby yours overlooking the city in orange dress
Praise for “Freak Out The People”:


“it becomes clear that Baby Yors is one to watch in 2022.”
“new pride anthem”
“a catchy new anthem … that marks the sign of a true self expressionist”
“One of the most influential LGBTQ people in the world”

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Instagram: @babyyors
Twitter: @Babyors
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