Beauty On The Move

No matter what the journey is, keep your skin and hair in tip top shape with these amazing tips



s a traveling hair and makeup artist, I have worked in the fashion industry for over 22 years. During fashion shoots and ad campaigns, we are sometimes placed in some of the most extreme weather situations possible, from the sizzling summer heat to the bitter cold of autumn and winter! As you can imagine, this wreaks havoc on your skin and hair! But I am going to share with you some of my quick turn-around beauty essentials that I carry with me everywhere I go. These will restore and take care of your tired tresses and lifeless skin, leaving you rehydrated and ready to take on your day. No matter what the journey is, these simple and easy solutions will provide you with simple and carefree ways to keep your skin and hair in tip top shape as an everyday woman or man, no matter what the weather.

My kit is filled with basics that I never leave home without! These amazing face treatment masks are by Skin Inc, and these are a perfect solution to the wear and tear of modern day living. These ingenious masks come with a top and bottom half and are infused with Skin Inc’s signature serums. This way, you can mix and match them to create a face mask that suits exactly what your skin needs to nourish and protect against everyday elements.

The Get Glowin Platinum Mask brightens the skin with Vitamin B, floral extracts, and platinum. Redness and sallowness will be reduced, as platinum and natural extracts work together to combat environmental damage and make skin glow. Skin Inc

Fluenta Oval 8 and Body Brush by Artisbrush, MAC Prep + Prime Essential Oil, and MAC Lip Conditioner. This little quartet is the perfect way to start the day with soft luxurious skin and lips.

Step 1: This emollient based balm conditions and moisturizes leaving the lips with a soft, silky shine. First, apply a generous amount of lip conditioner to lips to absorb whilst we prep the rest of the face.

Step 2: This grapefruit and chamomile oil will leave the skin feeling energized and moisturized, with a soft and healthy glow. Take 3 drops of the essential oil for both areas – the forehead and above the apples of the cheeks – the use Oval 8 brush to distribute all over the face. The thousands of tiny bristles ensure that the oil is being spread evenly across the skin. Then continue this, but with the body brush to gently pat into the skin, this step will ensure maximum absorption. Your skin will feel soft, supple and ready to apply your makeup more smoothly than ever before. (This can also be used on the neck area, which is an amazing anti-aging tip).

“The must have products to protect and maintain your hair through the hottest time of the year.” – Mark Williamson

This trio by Prive is power packed and perfect for protecting your hair against the everyday elements, whether you’re on the move or just at home.

Step 1: Prep and Protect Spray is a great solution to protect your hair against heat and styling tools. With its extraordinary blend of proteins for revitalizing and rebuilding, it also has antioxidants to invigorate and protect your hair. Apply this spray to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning, but before styling.

Step 2: The Restoration Treatment is a leave in treatment and will become essential to your weekly hair care routine! It is full of strengthening proteins to restructure your hair, and this dynamo will keep your locks soft and supple through the whole day! Another great way to use this, and a way I personally use it, is to put about a quarter size amount in a spray bottle and gently mist your hair with it daily.

Step 3: The Vanishing Oil is a game changer for curly, wavy, or frizzy hair. Apply a few drops to your hand, then gently around your hair. This is used to keep hair silky, hydrated and frizz free! Perfect for curly and wavy hair but can work on any hair type.

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