Yesterday during São Paulo Fashion Week, BEIRA presented the SS19 collection. If you have missed it, here below you can find the best looks from the show


Beira’s patterns are born from several studies related to functionality; they talk about volume and construction, balancing traditional forms with meticulous details. The pieces are designed both for men and for women. For this reason, Beira considers itself feminine and masculine in a movement to take advantage of the versatility of its creations, moving beyond the traditional concept of a collection per gender.

“There will be presented pieces that have gone through a laundry process called ‘unloading’, where the maximum color possible is taken out of the fabric. I identified myself with this idea and then each fabric came back with its particularity.”Lívia Cunha Campos, BEIRA’s designer

The search for different textures, fibers and colors is part of the daily process of developing the pieces. This season features for the first time pieces in 100% linen fabric and brand’s initial blazer model, a hybrid one called “Relaxed Pocket Blazer”. Moreover, hand-painted clothes alternates with others with the discoloration of the fabric, removing the previous dyeing and revealing unique colors on each process. To compose the presentation, we bet on the partnership with Converse. In the event models will wear the classic Chuck Taylor All Star Hi to integrate the 24 looks proposed. All sneakers, socks and some t-shirts were dyed in Beira atelier with coffee.


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