Bratz on Break was inspired by the ultra-femme and playfulness of the stylistically iconic Bratz Dolls. The team centered the shoot around scenes of a high school year book portrait session, house party, and prom beauty shoot. Bratz on Break features styling by Pangea Kali Virga, with wardrobe by independent Miami sustainable designers, modeling by AnastaziaKawtharAndreaShanelle, and hair and makeup by Darby.

Kawtar wearsShirt (gingham and skull tee): Taylor Dorry  | Skirt (plaid wool): Pendelton | Gloves: Pangea Kali Virga  | Tights: Leg Avenue | Boots: Models own | Necklaces: Models own | Earrings: Le Chic Miami

Andrea wears —  Top: (crimson woven sleeveless turtleneck) : Kim Yantis & Lucinda Linderman | Earrings: Jet Lag Mode

Anastazia wearsTop: Asos  | Corset: Stylist’s own | Pants: RVT Jean Co. | Earrings: Jet Lag Mode 

Shanelle wearsDress: Taylor Dorry | Blouse: Pangea Kali Virga | Earrings: Tao Company

Anastazia wearsTop:  Models own | Pants: Kim Yantis & Lucinda Linderman | Earrings: Tao Compan

Shanelle wears — Top:Forever 21 | Bra: Models own

Andrea wearsTop: Krel wear | Earrings: Le Chic Miami

Kawtar wearsTop: Kim Yantis & Lucinda Linderman

Anastazia wearsDress: Taylor Dorry | Earrings: Le Chic Miami

Andrea wearsPurple dress: American Apparel | Pink Dress: Taylor Dorry | Earrings: Le Chic Miami

Shanelle wearsTop: Pangea Kali Virga | Pants: Sachin & Babi | Tights: Leg Avenue | Headpiece: Pangea Kali Virga

Shanelle wearsTop: Forever 21 | Bra: Models own | Skirt: Models own | Shoes: Models own | Earrings: Le Chic Miami — Andrea wearsTop: Krel wear | Skirt: American Apparel | Tights: Krel wear | Shoes: Vans | Earrings: Le Chic Miami | Belt:  Models own

This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer/Production: Dev Knight | @devknight_
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Jelique Edward | @beammeupscottiii  and Vincenza Sorrentino | @vi_xuni
Creative Direction/Stylist: Pangea Kali Virga | @pangeakalivirga
Makeup Artist: Darby Hunt | @d_tessa.mua 
Photographer’s Assistant: Marquese Dillion |@marquesedillion
Models: Kawtar Faroudi | @righteyeleft
Shanelle Simmons | @sereneshanelle
Andrea Swan | @theepinkswan
Anastazia |  @zha.zha

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