2018 was a big year for Soleima with the release of her breakout single “Low Life” off of her ‘Bulldog’ EP, which was selected as one of Billboard’s “20 Great Pop Songs From 2018’s First Half You Might Have Missed” with over seven million streams. 2018 also saw BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac highlight Soleima as one of her “New Names to Watch”, while she also took home awards such as “Best Newcomer” at Danish Music Awards and “Talent of the Year” at P3 Guld. Soleima is preparing for an even bigger 2019 with more releases and appearances at European festivals and shows this summer, including performances with  at Roskilde Festival on July 4th. She is an artist to keep a close eye on as she continues to release new music, building up to her debut album in 2020.

Photo Cred: Kia Hartelius

The Danish musician’s heady cocktail of pitch-shifted synths, R&B, future bass and an undercurrent of world music is already something apart from the pack, but her vocal – simultaneously otherworldly, childlike in its innocence and sweetly sensual – elevates her individualistic style to another level. Her music is a singular take on pop, which is immediately engaging and fascinatingly off-kilter.

Check out our exclusive interview below.


How did you get into music?

I played in a hip-hop band as a child. We were very inspired by bands like Wu-Tang and People Under The Stairs. I actually played the piano for a long time in the band, but at some point we needed someone singing the choruses, and because I was the only girl there, the boys for some reason thought it should be me. Haha. That was how I started singing and writing songs.


If you could collaborate with any artist living or deceased who would it be and why? 

Uhhh such a hard question. There are so many I would love to work with, but right now I think a dream collab would be with Jai Paul.


How would you describe your sound? Where do you draw inspiration? 

Overall I’m inspired by many different things. My surroundings, experiences and also many different genres of music. I guess I’m pretty hip-hop inspired. I’m currently listening to a lot of OutKast.


What kind of impression do you want to make on the music industry or even in pop culture? 

Something that’s very important to me is to keep being true to who you are. Even though that doesn’t sound that hard, it actually can be, especially when people have an idea of what music works in which contexts. I think in everything we do we should attempt to be ourselves and promote differences as beautiful and necessary.


What can we expect from you? An EP or an album perhaps? 

Uhhhh that is a super exciting question. I can only say right now that I hope and aim for an album – cause that is the dream format for an artist.

Photo Cred: Kia Hartelius


Watch Soleima brand new video below and be sure to check out “STFU” on all streaming platforms.