Class of 99


Date: December 9th 2022


To portray the effervescent transformation of today’s society on the deconstruction of gender and the revolution of the neutral. We want to
continue reading this code by raising awareness through provocative outfits and a ‘genderless’ aesthetic. A visual collection that is free, fluid, and characterized by a carousel of genderless, sporty-couture, size-independent, and timeless garments. We will portray a new dynamic generation capable of mixing streetwear pieces with other more classic and conceptual ones.

Inspired by a mixture of styles that represent fluid and multifaceted personalities because the true hallmark of vintage is not only sustainability but singularity, its most exclusive rarity and difficult to copy. Furthermore, we want to offer a complete visual experience that does not speak only of a garment but of a piece of the history of who wears it.

Creative Director and Photography 
Paulo Herrera

Fashion Stylist
Alessandra Mazzini & Kali Corvinium 

Arturo de Cevallos

Dear Society Model Management

Makeup & Hair Stylist
Marta Atienza

Diego Rueda

Levis, Lee, Adidas, Burberry, Lacoste, Loewe, Nike, Reebok, Jessica Butrich, Hackett and Stance

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