Conversations With Gab Current

Conversations With Gab Current

When it comes to work and personal life, singer and model Gabrielle Current refuses to separate the two

To Gabrielle, her music and modeling is a passion not a job. Since the age of five, Gab had been modeling and singing, and more recently also writing her own music. A few of her songs have been featured in the Season Finale of the most iconic show of our generation, Pretty Little Liars. Let’s not forget to mention that her face has popped up in stores across the country with a range of fashion campaigns.

Read more about Gab Current and get to know this beauty more in her interview for This Bitch below!

Dress: Maryme-Jimmypaul | Shoes: Michael Kors | Accessories: Vintage
Dress: Maryme-Jimmypaul | Shoes: Michael Kors | Accessories: Vintage

Girl, I have been seeing you all over the place, from Forever 21, Garage, StyleHaul, and so much more, can you tell us how it must feel? 
I’ve been modeling since I was young, so it feels rewarding getting to work for brands I love and wear. I usually don’t go out of my way to look for my work after I shoot, so it’s always cool coming across the pictures online or in stores. My favorite is when someone will send me an in store picture of themselves next to mine or a screenshot from online.

Have you ever walked into a Forever 21 or any of the stores you shot for and have someone recognize you? 
Only a few times! If I know my photos are in stores, I’ll sometimes go see them for myself. The employees will casually notice especially if I’m being dorky and taking pictures haha!

So not only do you model, but you also create music, could you tell our readers how you started dabbling with music? What came first, your modeling or music? 
I started modeling and singing at the same time when I was five. They both have been constants for me growing up and even to this day. It wasn’t until around two years ago that I started taking them both more seriously by signing to the main board of my agency & writing and releasing music.

 That fact that your music was featured in the most iconic show of our generation “Pretty Little Liars”, how did that feel? 
Unreal! I grew up watching PLL, so having my first few song releases featured on the show was the coolest thing.

Top: Capucci

How do you balance your modeling, music and personal life? What do you do on your downtime?
I focus the majority of my time making music and modeling, so there really isn’t a need to balance everything. My weeks are usually split between writing sessions and photoshoots. If I’m not doing either of those things, I’m usually traveling with friends, drinking lattes, going to concerts & family dinners, plant shopping, attempting to bake or working out.

How did you begin your modeling career?
My mom actually got me into modeling when I was young. I was such a ham and always begged to have my pictures taken lol. I would work on and off throughout elementary and high school. After high school was when I focused my time developing my career. A combination of perseverance and having a supportive team is what helped sustain me.

Who are your influences for both modeling and music?
Music wise, I have soooo many artists that influence me. I’m obsessed with jazz, r&b, soul and worship, so I’m heavily inspired by Little Dragon, Jordan Rakei, SG Lewis, and The Internet.
Modeling wise, I’m not inspired by any particular person, but rather a certain type of style. I’m really into Korean street wear and mixing menswear with feminine pieces.

You are so stunning, what is your background?
You’re the sweetest! I am half Filipino, Korean and Swedish.

Top: Paradise Ranch | Jacket: Joyrich cropped | Trouser: Alice & Olivia | Boots: Alexandre Birman | Choker: vintage
Dress: Maryme-Jimmypaul | Shoes: Michael Kors | Accessories: Vintage

If you had the opportunity, what artists or bands would you love to work with?
It’d be a dream to sing with Tom Misch, Chance the Rapper, Drake and Daniel Caesar.

What are some upcoming projects you are working on? Should we expect an EP soon?
You can expect a handful of singles and a few features coming end of spring. I can’t wait to show them to you!

Coat: Vintage | Shoes: Balenciaga | Accessories: Vintage

This spread appears in the pages of TB56 Conversations with Gabrielle Current taken from the VIVID Issue 2018; out now and available to buy here.

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Photographer: Raul Romo | @raulromo
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Hair and Makeup: Fancie Tomalonis | @francieluxe
Artist: Gabrielle Current | @gabcurrent

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