Ezra Miller Says LGBTQ+ People Are Just Better at Sex Than Straights

Our nonbinary king, actor, and all-around gorgeous human being Ezra Miller has declared, in their latest interview with British GQ, that LGBTQ+ people are just simply better at sex than their straight, cisgender counterparts—and so it is decreed!

In the esoteric interview, The Flash and Justice League star dives into the history of LGBTQ+ people that have been around for centuries, contrary to some people’s beliefs. “In Hawaii, there is a word, Mā hū, which almost [translates as] ‘that which is becoming.’ Like an idol not quite formed. In Hawaiian native understanding, everyone has kū[male spirit] and hina [female spirit]. Everyone is trans,” they explain.

Nowadays, Miller doesn’t quite believe that the LGBTQ+ community is fighting for equal rights, but for our rightful place at the top of the pyramid. “We’re not fighting for equality,” says Miller. “None of these conflicts against systems of oppression are fights for equality. They are fights for accurate regard of supremacy.”

Miller then lists all the things LGBTQ+ people are better at than our cisgender, heterosexual counterparts.

“We’re better at sex than y’all. We’re better at art. We’re better at warfare. These are things carried in the old understandings of so-called, whatever-you-want-to-call-it: non-binary, queer, genderqueer, trans, gay, lesbian. Just like the neurodiverse peoples, these people are all sacred beings, superior to other beings.” Miller concludes the moment by saying that our “oppressors are really only oppressing themselves.”

“Get it together, people,” they warn.

If The Flash says it is true, then it must be true.

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