Georgian Chapter

Dress: Janashia


Bright, colorful and dreamy, photographer Olesia Merso takes us on a sophisticated field trip in this online editorial. Models AnnaVivien and Chidera spend a sunny autumn day strolling around the fields of Georgia. Fashion by Ilona dresses models in feminine pieces yet daring pieces.

Photographer: Olesia Merso | @olesiamerso
Producer: Artemy | @dragunsky
Stylist: Ilona | @al.ilona
Makeup and Hair: Makeup Institute Georgia | @makeupinstitutegeorgia
Models: Anna | @anigavva
Agency: Tann Model Management
Vivien | @vivianhatesyou
Agency: IC Model Management
Chidera | @derathedoll
Agency: IC Model Management

Coat: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Leggings: Cos
Corset: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Earrings: Ethere Accessoire | Coat: Tatuna Nikolaishvili
Dress: Tiko Paksa | Boots: Lalo
Pink dress: Tiko Paksa | Pink boots: Lalo |
Pink dress: Tiko Paksa | Pink boots: Lalo | Black dress: Tiko Paksa
Blouse: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Trousers: Eloshi | Boots: Blikvanger
Jacket: Materiel | Skirt: Eloshi
Dress: Materiel Jacket: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Boots: Maturelli
Top: Maturelli
Jacket: Tiko Paksa | Boots: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Bag on the belt: Maturelli
Dress: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Trousers: Materiel | Boots: Eloshi
Dress: Maturelli | Apron: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Boots: Blikvanger
Jacket: Tiko Paksa | Dress: Tatuna Nikolaishvili | Trousers: Materiel | Boots: Eloshi

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