Unconventional is the word that comes to mind when thinking of the enigmatic Allie X.

Breaking and entering the music industry, this songstress has made waves with her “Detuned Dream Pop” sound and let me tell you, This Bitch is here for it. From early classical references, Allie X has influenced fans and music lovers alike with her own original sound, amalgamations showcasing the time and effort put into the works she’s released to the public to enjoy. Releasing one song a month at a time, we are all eager to listen and know more about the story behind Super Sunset, and we are super excited to know the creative process of Allie X.

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1. What is your musical background? I always wanted to sing from my earliest memories.  Early influences include: Little Mermaid, Never Ending Story, Annie, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.  From there I got into classical and musical theater and then I did a 360 and got into free music and electronic stuff and then I came back around with all my influences and turned it into a pop project. 2. How would you describe your sound? Detuned dream pop.  I say “dream” because I’m a dreamer, I’ve had too much to dream. 3. What’s your songwriting process like? How does it differ from the co-writing process? My songwriting process is most commonly co-writing these days.  But when I do write by myself it is completely different.  I take a LONG time to finish a song.  Like years sometimes.  I like to get into ableton and experiment with different mock up productions and vibes.

Dress: Malan Breton | Earrings & Sunglasses: Complex Girl Store

4. What else do you do on your downtime besides music?  Spas, Korean Spas, Hikes, videos of golden retrievers, a lot of cooking, a lot of looking at Instagram, crying, smoking weed, going to museums, going to nice restaurants, watching drag race, gathering images, fantasizing about my dream life, yoga, sauna, making lists.
Dress: Malan Breton | Earrings, Shoes & Sunglasses: Complex Girl Store
5. What or who are your biggest inspirations in your music? Mariah Carey and Celine Dion kind of taught me how to sing, then classical gave me vibrato and a high range.  I have always been influenced by my struggles and feelings.  I think writing songs and singing in general gave me a way to get out the dark stuff I had inside me that never sat too well with my family.  It helped them understand me.  Here’s some artists I admire: Stevie Nicks, ABBA, Tom Petty, Grimes, Kylie Minogue, B-52’s, Bjork, MUNA, Tuneyards and so many drag queens.  I don’t know, I listen to like so much different music and write music for so many different reasons, sometimes it’s hard not to ramble about my influences. 6. To date, which of your songs is your favorite? Is there anything in particular reason that makes it your favorite?I can’t say 100%, but Too Much To Dream really speaks to who I am and the gift/curse of being a dreamer.  Other favs currently include: Casanova, Girl of the Year, Bitch and Need You. 7. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be? Hayao Mizayaki.  I want to make the soundtrack to one of the films or be a voice or something. 8. What are some key components to your creative process? Time lots of time… Rewriting lyrics.  I’m not usually a writer who writes a poem and it becomes a song.  I write lyrics in the “morning pages” kind of style.  Tons of words and lines out of sequence, then I edit and piece them together.  Not always the case, but wrote Paper Love, Can’t Stop Now, Vintage, Downtown and a bunch more like this.
Dress: Malan Breton | Earrings & Sunglasses: Complex Girl Store
9.  Do you have any new music or projects in store for the new year? Could you indulge us in any information or small hints? Yes.  No. 10. How did you get discovered? What was the process? How did it make you feel? HA! No one ever discovered me, I forced my way in.  I wish I had a story where I was performing at an open mic, and an A&R signed me, and I got a record deal the next week.  But my story couldn’t be further from this.  It’s hard to even explain because it takes place over ten years.  But basically I made 100’s of tiny little moves that got me a publishing deal in LA. Then I convinced the publishers that I was an artist. Then I put out a song and it started to work. Catch was the big turning point.  And it was the internet who “discovered” me I guess.  But from there I still had so much to prove and still do to this day.  I’m not the obvious choice and never was.  That’s why I connect to my misfit fans, why I have a say in absolutely every part of my business (cause I’m convinced I can’t trust anyone else to do it for me), and really how I developed a lot of my personal style and sound- I had to do it all myself. 11. What hobbies do you have? Any special talents no one knows about? I think I kind of mentioned them in the “down time” question. I can make a really convincing guinea pig noise? 12. Other than music, is there anything else you would like to pursue? TECH! I know nothing about it but TECH! lol.  I don’t know, I see myself diversifying my brand in the future.  The music industry is not to be trusted! 13. Your music has received a significant amount of streams, how does it feel to receive such positive responses for your music? It feels great.  Bless Spotify and Apple Music and how they have put me in front of such a wide audience.

Suit: Malan Breton | Earrings & Shoes: Complex Girl Store

14. Where does your sense of style come from?

Insecurity mostly.  Wanting to hide body parts I don’t like and highlight ones I do.  Partly why I wore sunglasses so much in the beginning to.

15. What do you want people to know about you as an artist that don’t know you?

That I am at the helm of the ship! Visuals, music- there is a creative director and her name is ALLIE FUCKING X. I’m a hustler baby.  Ask anyone that works with me.

16. What is your overall goal for the new year?

Well I tweeted this the other night to a fan.  But really if I could just calm the fuck down and feel real joy on a regular basis that would be good.

Suit: Malan Breton | Earrings & Shoes: Complex Girl Store
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