Having a sit down with Raiche

Raiche, the brassy singer, and songwriter who mixes gospel and jazz inflections into r&b songs has entranced us with this unique style and we honestly can’t get enough. To say the least I think we have found our “on-repeat” album!

Her beginning started growing up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, just two hours outside of Boston. To paint the picture, her mother was a worship leader who would bring her then six-year-old daughter to her practices creating a bond with music that would influence her style for the years to come. Her personal and unique style is attributed to her mother,  drawing inspiration from her retro lullabies, and this intrigue is exactly what Raiche needed to find her place musically.

“Dreamin’, livin’, bustin’

Grindin’, winnin’, lovin’

Workin’, never close my eyes

I want money pies”

The words within the chorus for “Money Pies” could not ring any truer for Raiche, from an early age she was consumed by music, but life always has a curveball hidden away for us. With her eyes set to Full Sail University right after graduation; Raiche had her game plan all set and ready to go, though life had a different plan altogether. For a while, she placed her music and dreams on the back burner to help her family’s business flourish. Despite how hard she kept “workin’” and taking on multiple jobs while helping with the bills she never truly gave up on her ambitions she always kept this phrase with her, “I believe in God, so I felt like if it was meant to be it would be.”

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Raiche and getting to know her not only as an artist but as an individual.

It truly takes an exceptional individual to place everything on hold at such a young age to help your family. How did you feel at that moment? Was it difficult to think that you could have never pursued music again? 

It wasn’t difficult I never thought that I wouldn’t pursue music I just knew it wasn’t what was meant to be in that moment so I let life take me where I needed to be.

“Started from the bottom, it took some time…

Yeah, I was geekin’, I switch it up and now I’m screamin’”

Her nana set this whole rollercoaster in motion. According to Raiche with some encouraging words, her nana (“She basically kicked me out of town,” jokingly) led her to make her exodus towards Boston. Keeping short and simple, this was the pivotal moment to take her from “grindin’” to “money pies.”

How did it feel when the first person, DJ Knock Out, approached you and gave you that push into music once more?

When I met DJ knockout and he said he wanted to help me and he had a plan I didn’t believe it
It all felt too good to be true. So, he connected me with my production company GDE.

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Are there days where you wake up and still cannot wrap your head around all you have accomplished since the days of your online covers?

No, but there are days when it gets hard and then I think to myself that I have accomplished so much so that keeps me going.

So you had your eyes set on Full Sail University? What field are you hoping to major in, if you could change the past and have gone, would you?

If I could have changed the past I would have taken a year off and gone to Australia to the Hillsong college for music and then I would have gone to Full Sail for maybe audio production.

Were you nervous about leaving your home town and exploring the music industry?

I was never nervous about leaving my hometown and exploring the music industry. I want to learn as much as I can about the music industry as I can.

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Your recent EP “Drive” has gained a lot of traction, did you ever expect this amount growth in such little time?

I was never nervous about leaving my hometown and exploring the music industry. I want to learn as much as I can about the music industry as I can.

Other than being a singer-songwriter, do you have any other talents or interests?

Some other interests I have are definitely to learn how to play an instrument preferably the guitar… the electric guitar. I can also give a banging hair blow out.

Being on set with you I noticed your energy and presence, you make it seem so effortless! Any advice on how to own a room in a “Raiche” style.

How to own a room in Raiche style would be to make people feel comfortable. I always try and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. In Sweden, they call it hygge.

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Okay, so hands down our favorite song from your latest EP is “Complicated” do you have a favorite song? What makes it stand out to you more than the others?

My favorite songs off of my EP are “I got you” AND “Complicated”. I love “ I got you” because it personally makes me feel empowered with a little bit of attitude and grace.

How was it signing to Atlantic Records? Were you freaking out, or playing it cool?

Always playing it cool but definitely geeked on the inside. My heart was smiling big for sure.

Your style has heavy influences from gospel and jazz, would you agree this is what helped you stand out int he ever-growing r&b genre?

I would agree that jazz and gospel have helped shape my voice and style but what’s really set me apart is that I’m not afraid to try anything. And when I try something new I want to own it.

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Could you give our readers a rundown of a typical day of writing or recording?

A typical day of writing and recording well it starts with a poem most of the time I scroll through my notes and see what catches my eye and feels good in the time and is something I would want to embellish on and then I’ll usually get in the booth and hum out some melodies sometimes with lyrics or a piece of my poem and sometimes just mumbles. But my writing process is like building a puzzle one piece at a time

Is there currently anything in the works your fans can anticipate?

Look forward to more music with some possible features

Lastly, do you have a message for your growing fan base?

My message for my growing fan base right now would be.. whatever you’re going through, always try and find a bit of light to hold on to.

Stream RAICHE’s Latest EP “Drive” below and be sure to grab it on Apple Music.

This spread appears in the pages of TB114 Money Pies from Poppy: The Religion Issue 2019; out now and available to buy here.

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