Justiine: Rising Artist Talks About Her New EP “Project Twenty Two”

On February 22, Atlanta-native Alternative R&B singer/songwriter, Justiine, releases her third highly-anticipated EP, Project Twenty Two, via Coca Vango’s Energy 7 Records. This 7-track masterpiece features a diverse variation of auras proving the starlet is capable of vocal expansion. It takes listeners on a front-seat journey through moments of pure bliss, pain, individuality, and maturity beyond her 22 years of life. It chronicles themes of growth, self-love, and positivity contrary to the industry’s common musical themes. Project Twenty Two includes three tracks with quintessential features — Frozen ft. Nessly, Succ Me Up Remix ft. Coca Vango, and Milky Way ft. Lil Bird offering fans a different perception of who Justiine is.

In 2017, Justiine released her debut EP ‘Project Twenty One‘, which featured hits ‘Blessings’ and ‘Water‘. In 2018, Justiine released her second EP ‘Twin Peaks‘, generating thousands of streams with ‘Negativity’ ft. Nessly and ‘Don’t Need You!’ ft. Salma Slims. This past December, Justiine dropped a surprise single entitled “This Year” prompting fans for the change of her aesthetic. In 2019, Justiine is not letting fear get in the way of her chasing her dreams.

Along with her new project, Justiine has also released a new video for her song, “Thing” from her 2019 EP, Project Twenty Two.

“I just want to redefine the standards of beauty, especially for young women,” says Justiine. “The new generation of millennial’s are scrutinized and held to expectations that are completely unrealistic. I grew up in an era where music promoted self-love and natural beauty, so I want to help bring that back.”

Get to know Justiine better in this exclusive interview.

Source: Energy 7 Records

1. What is the inspiration behind your music? 

I’m inspired by everything, honestly. A lot of my song writing comes from daily thoughts, emotions, and the relationships in my life. Different moments spark different types of creativity in me, and I try to harness that in my work.

2. When did you start music? Who and what were your early passions and influences?

I became interested in music at a super young age. From performing solo Christmas songs in pre-school to doing musicals in high school. I was around 16 when my older brother started going to a studio and recording his own songs. I decided that looked interesting and followed in his footsteps. Fast forward to now; I’m signed to Energy 7 with my brother (Chan J), boyfriend (Jimmy Collins), and cousin (Coca Vango), and we’ve been at it ever since!

3.  What was the process like for your EP Project Twenty Two? What’s your favorite track?

It was pretty interesting! I got to work with a good friend of mine Lil Bird and his producer DROK on a fire track called “Outer Space”. We got Nessly on another track called “Frozen”. Always love working with him. “Fall 4” is the third feature track with Jimmy Collins on the second verse, that’s one of my favorites! I honestly have too many faves on P22… but I would have to say “Fine” is my top pick. It was written from such a raw place in my heart.


4. What do you do on your downtime other than music? What hobbies do you have? Any special talents no one knows about?

I usually just hang out with friends and family. Sometimes I’ll go out to a club with my cousin, or pop out to Buckhead & shop a little bit. If it’s warm, I’m tanning or long boarding. Special talent? I’m really good at making up different crazy voices. One day, I’ll voice an entire animated movie, mark my words. 

5.  If you could describe your new EP in three words, what would it be?

Honest, Simplistic, and Fire.

Top: Reformation | Earrings: 8 Other Reasons


6. What kind of impression do you guys wanna make on the music industry or even in pop culture?

I want to prove that positivity is possible in this industry. We see it so little these days, but when we do it always has an amazing effect on the world. I want my supporters to know that they are not alone in their sadness, and it’s up to us to lift each other up. 


7. Who’s the one artist that you dream of collaborating with? Dead or alive? 

There are so many that it’s so hard to choose. If I had to narrow it down, I would probably have to say Frank Ocean. Last night I actually changed my wifi network name to Frank Ocean. I hope he never reads this.


Top: Reformation | Trousers: Max Mara | Booties: Tony Bianco | Earrings: 8 Other Reasons | Bracelets: The M Jewelers


8.  What are your goals for the rest of the year?

My main goal is to never stop working. I want to always have something on the table for my fans, so my team and I have a lot coming up. Lots of traveling, collaborations, videos, new music… This year is going to be full of surprises!  


9. This coming year do you have any tour dates or performances lined up?

I will be at Rolling Loud for a possible surprise performance with Coca Vango! Stay tuned for any other updates on performances and appearances @justiine on Instagram.


 Watch Justiine’s brand new video above and be sure to check out her brand new project.

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