December 06, 2022


Last-minute gift shopping can be so daunting. Here are some ideas to help you with the gifts.



MAYDE WORLDWIDE is a unisex apparel brand under the creative direction of Aleali May, whose influence as a designer and stylist has permeated the culture. The brief was to distill Aleali’s inspirations and create pieces that would mix with runway samples and everyday staples. Dramatic oversized silhouettes and fitted pieces that contour and compliment any fit. MAYDE garments are knit and manufactured by skilled workers in our solar powered Los Angeles facility. Focused on high quality materials and clean lines, at an inclusive price point designed for every body, this is MAYDE WORLDWIDE.



Blabbi /blæbi/ noun: a game of made up words. Blabbi is a party game for persuasive people. Earn the most points by coming up with convincing definitions for made-up words based on oddly specific topic cards, voted on by your friends.



Dumbgood is a pop culture lifestyle retailer featuring carefully selected apparel, accessories, and collectibles from some of the most iconic entertainment brands of all time. They collaborate with an expanding group of makers and brands to create a unique selection built from thoughtful design. Dumbgood is about offering pieces that speak to the effortless style of subcultures and the individual rather than mass fashion trends. 


Mudd Pearl

Founded in February of 2021 by Yasmin Moon & Mary Anderson, Mudd Pearl has already developed a growing cult following. The idea around the brand started with appreciating the healing mechanics of an oyster. “The way a pearl is created is similar to the human condition of alleviation. The oyster creates a smooth coating around a small trauma in order to co-exist with it and each method of protection is so individualized it could never be exact. Holding a pearl is like holding a physical manifestation of one’s own resilience.” Every Mudd Pearl is handmade through a delicate process of stringing individual pearls–while curating the brand’s signature aesthetic of organic symmetry. Each piece can act as grounding totems, works of art, or both.


Cult skincare brand that’s focused on restoring faith in the beauty community with purposeful products that are religious about results. Dieux is making beauty radically transparent on every front; from price transparency on their first-to-market formulas to developing new products and packaging that rethinks how beauty approaches sustainability.


Launched October 20th online and in H. Lorenzo, Niinfa was founded by Mexican designer Patricia Garate. Handmade in small batches using leather and recycled aluminum, Niinfa pieces are just as sculptural as they are practical. Inspired by organic forms that are beautiful yet prickly,  Niinfa handbags embody that which is stunning and simultaneously unknown, holding the key to some feared otherness, often perceived as monstrous or pertaining to the chthonic.

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