Vintage room, grandma’s room in the atmosphere of an old Eastern European decor. The unusual atmosphere of the ’70s interior is now returning to fashion. Raw wood and strong patterns with muted colors become the symbol of durability and indestructibility. He is becoming a noble classic now. Leo blends in with the interior to create a whole. He is like a prince in a palace. The old interior, which was taunted, became an extremely fashionable area. It is a modern return to the old days. Fashion comes full circle.

Blazer: Milano | Shirt: Warsaw

Sweater and Shirt: Studio Warsaw | Vest & Pants: Hugo

Shirt and Leather Coat: Safripsti | Socks: Marni | Hat: Studio Warsaw | Shoes: Jil Sander

Shirt: Vintage by Mech | Sweater and Blazer: Vintage by Szafa Grawarsaw | Pants: J.Crew

Blazer & Jeans: Safripsti | Scarf: Mechvintage

Shirt & Jeans: Vintage by Safripsti | Warsaw and Vest: Vintage by Szafa Gra | Warsaw Belt: Private Collection | Shoes: ShoetheBear

This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by

Photographer: Pamela Porwen | @pamela_porwen_ph
Stylist: Joanna Opinska | @joaninhe_
Model: Leo Laskovvski | @laskovvski
Agency: Panda Models

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