Let's Fall in Love with ESTHER ACEBO

Talented, beautiful, and multifaceted, This Bitch Magazine has the honor of sitting down for an exclusive interview with none other than the incomparable Esther Acebo. You may know the star-studded actress from the critically acclaimed and action-packed Netflix series “Money Heist”; playing the role of Monica Gaztambide, also known as “Stockholm”. Esther has made a name for herself; she continues to wow the audience and her fans with new heights within her career!


As you may already know, we are HUGE fans of “Money Heist” and we love the development of Monica on the show. How was it getting into character while filming? Are there any similarities you think you share with her or do you feel she was an opposing character that took time getting to know?

Let me start by thanking you for these questions! There is something very special about “Money Heist”, funny enough we don’t have all the scripts handy when we start shooting so we actually don’t know much about what’s going on or what’s going to happen, that’s what makes it so complicated sometimes but also very fresh. What’s interesting is even though I was given a role on the show, Monica, “Stockholm’s” character, was slowly but surely being revealed as I played her, I didn’t really know who she was but as the show continuously progressed, her quiet and scared personality evolved into a courageous and outspoken woman. Despite her soft demeanor, she reflects within deeply, making sure that all her choices are made accordingly, for every moment that passes those important choices will forever change her life. If I’m being honest she’s probably miles ahead when it comes to her bravery, she’s braver than I am.

The romance between you and fellow co-star Jaime Lorente, also known as “Denver”, has developed quite a spark throughout the series. Were there laughs during filming when it came to those sexy scenes or was it something that clicked naturally?

I think it’s a very special relationship that we all had created together, from the script to the relationship with the director, to the bond my castmates and I have developed. It was a great pleasure working with Jaime while shooting those scenes, and in every single one of the scenes he’s an exceptional actor, not to mention a beautiful person; we have a fantastic time with any and every scene involving an intimate moment between Denver and Stockholm, it’s a delicate situation and there needs to be trusted, and I’m overjoyed knowing we’re so very comfortable working with each other, it’s so much fun.

Going to school for Sports Sciences, makes us believe you were preparing for your role on “Money Heist” years ahead given how much action is in the movie. Was it physically
demanding to perform the on-set stunts for the show?

I really love studying the body and how it acts and reacts given certain factors, I find that fascinating! I enjoyed studying Sports Science and with that, I’ve put that knowledge to work, especially when it comes to my exercising since “Money Heist” is a show that is physically demanding; at one point we spend time waiting about and in an instant, the energy goes from 0 to 100%, it’s all so intense so it’s important to care for your body in times of major physical activities. My advice? Exercise, eat well, rest, and try to do every to be as happy and prepared as possible.

If you hadn’t pursued a career in acting, would you have taken up other academic courses
in school?

As a child I was always so curious in wanting to explore different paths when I would become a grown woman, so one day I stated I would enjoy being an actress, to have the option to play diverse roles. I may have only been ten years old at the time but by then I still believed it to be a great decision!

Playing the role of Amnesia Carrasco in “Los Encantandos” was a major opportunity for you to show your acting prowess in cinema, how did it feel jumping from hosting on Movistar+ to acting in movies? Did you have any time to prepare for the coming change?

Actually, having a role on “Amnesia” was a bit before I started working on television, it was a great opportunity for me to work with such a wonderful team, creating a film without much financial backing, it was eye-opening, to say the least! I’ve learned many things working on television as a TV presenter, I try to keep an open mind, learning new things wherever I’m currently at.

Before filming for any movie or show, is there a routine that you do to get you into the character you’ll be playing?

Every week I train at a school of theater to hone my skills as an actress, I believe it to be important to keep training, whether it’s on your downtime or while being involved on a project, always be on the move. Aside from that, there are many steps I try to take to organize myself before a new role is presented to me; I would ask myself so many different questions about the character, “How does she move? How does she speak? What’s her thought process? What are aspects of her life that define this character?”


 You’ve gone to school and you continue to prosper as an actress. Is there anything you would like to try aside from acting? Something you’d like to try that might or might not be out of your element.

Yes, most definitely! But, I personally believe in giving my undivided attention to any project I’m currently working on so that I remain focused and diligent, I also try not to speak on it before I actually do any type of major work, so that I may concentrate fully but hey, maybe one day I’ll surprise you and my audience with something new!

For young girls everywhere, I’m certain they are enamored with what you’ve accomplished, is there any advice you’d like to give to your fans trying to pursue a similar career choice?

I always feel a bit strange about giving advice or getting it. I believe every single person is different so how someone chooses to take my advice, or any advice, is open to interpretation, but I have to give anyone a bit of encouragement I would say to trust yourself and keep moving, do not stop.

As we all know a lot of us love where we’ve come from, and given you’re a native of Spain, do you see yourself living in any other part of the world or will you be retiring in your home country? Would there be a country you wish to visit that you haven’t gone to yet?

I never imagined having the opportunity to see so many different countries, thankfully “Money Heist” gave me this wondrous opportunity and it’s unbelievable! Of course, I would love to work in different places, I enjoy the wonders of traveling, it’s a great pleasure when you can travel because when you’re working somewhere new you’re given a real chance to really immerse yourself in a new place.

So quick confession, I took a look at your Instagram, or better said stalked, and I love the energy you give to your followers. Have you always been adventurous? I’m sure we all have our doubts about trying new things or going on new adventures, but you make it look so effortless.

I’m thrilled knowing you believe I make things look effortless 🙂 I try to enjoy everything I do! A few years ago I pushed myself to do everything I set my mind to do, no matter how scared or frightened I may be. I mean… I think we’re supposed to be here to enjoy the little or big things in life so I try to keep that adventurous mindset and apply it to everyday life, and, if for any reason I feel fearful about doing something that’s out of my comfort zone, even if I’m afraid, I push hard and do it anyways.

Are there any new projects we have to look forward to you starting in? Anything you could share with our readers?

I was working on a film right before and after the lockdown, but funny enough I haven’t seen anything yet and I can hardly wait for the final outcome! The movie is called “La Casa De Tiza” and yes, I know, and yes, jokes are allowed. I’m currently shooting for the fifth season of “Money Heist”, which is currently taking all my time and the majority of my energy but even so, I am enjoying it so much! Alongside the time I’ve put into “Money Heist,” I’m also working on a theatre piece, “Siempre Nos Quedará Paris”, which has me very excited! I hope we can showcase it to you all and soon!


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