Let's Get Festive with Mallory Merk

Mallory Merk is simply enchanting. Whether it’s through her music, charm or energy. It’s impossible not to feel immediately drawn in. With strong foundation in the worlds of both fashion and music, Merk is stepping into the spotlight as a growing model and creative

If endlessly scrolling through Instagram is something you find yourself doing on the regular, exploring YouTube for new artist, or just simply walking within the London subways and looking at the latest campaigns for Fenty Beauty, then you probably are already familiar with 18-year-old singer-slash-model Mallory Merk. If that name doesn’t ring a bell; have no fear. we can dig you out of the rock you live under!

Whether Mallory is a musician with a budding modeling career or a model with a budding music career, is irrelevant, what we do know for certain is that you still be obsessed with her as much as we are! Mal’s stunning features and equally captivating voice have quickly turned her into a muse-status for the biggest music and makeup moguls alike. Don’t take our word for it, just ask other’s in the industry! Kanye, Pat McGrath, and Rihanna have taken interest and featured her in their projects. Born In Louisiana and raised in NYC, her music and style embodies the melting pot we call the big apple. Her original sound — she has named “trazz” – hones in her influences from Kurt Cobain to Amy Winehouse, her music infuses hints of jazz and rhythms reminiscent of 8o8 heavy trap. Hence the name “trazz” Duhh! We believe this was the perfect mix to create a captivating original sound which entices the listener with a somewhat nostalgic feel, no matter who you are. Mal’s laid-bid( attitude and chill persona allows you to effortlessly vibe with this incredibly talented star on the rise! As an artist, her voice shines through with an unquestionably unique and soothing sound yet holding a tenacious attitude within her lyrics and passion. Her lyrics are saturated with metaphors about love, youth and living free, making her writing as honest, clever, and raw as they come.

We had the pleasure to sit down with Merk once again to talk music , inspirations, and her plans for the future. Her new EP 111 Reasons just release and we are OBSESSED with it! Read on, and get to know the baddest teens in the game!

Top: Top Shop Boutique | Jeans: Cie Denim | Teardrop Necklace: Ippolita | Heart earrings: Kate Spade | On left hand — Diamond Bracelet: The Shiny Squirrel | Bow Ring: Betsey Johnson | Gold ring: Blue Nile | Disco Ball Ring: Beladora Gunmetal | Oval ring: The Shiny Squirrel | On right hand — Blue Bracelet: A.Carnevale Jewelry | Gold chain band: David Yurman | Crystal Ball ring: Blue Nile | Butterfly ring: The Shiny Squirrel | Gold ring: Blue Nile | Sunglasses: Forever 21 | Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

Hey Mal, so good to see and have you for another interview! Since the last time we spoke, we’ve been noticing you’ve been doing big moves. Care to share any latest projects? 

I’m really happy to be back with you bitches. Get it? Recently I’ve really been working on my Tape: 111 Reasons. I write all my own lyrics and I’ve been excited for my listeners to hear what I have to say since they’ve been waiting so patiently. I communicate through my music, and I’ve kept a lot of things bottled up since my last project, so the release will be refreshing and charged up for everyone.

Going back to our first interview, I believe I never asked you but does music run in your family or are you a pioneer in this industry? 

Music runs in my blood, I believe. I think my grandfather used to play back up guitar or piano for Elvis. My mom and dad played a lot of great music around me growing up, they definitely appreciate the power of music, but themselves never engaged in making it. I’m definitely the musical one in my family, the one they always ask to sing at Christmas Dinner haha.

Top: Slashed by Tia | Ring: The Shiny Squirrel | Brixton Hat: Revolve Clothing

By the way, I’ve been listening to your Newly released song “Emeraldz” on repeat. I absolutely love it! But I can’t seem to shake off a somber undertone. Was that intentional? Can you shed some light on the meaning behind this song? 

Thank you, Emeraldz definitely came from the heart. When I write, I let things flow through me and analyze later. The lyrics were just about navigating a relationship with someone who’s reserved about their feelings, maybe hard to read, but when you’re alone with them, love is your language. The chorus “Its everything we though it would, I’ll take your hand lead you to whats good.. green hills like Emeraldz we roll in grey like packs of wolves” painted how I felt once invested in this lover. I felt like it was everything I wanted, being with them and our crew, I felt empowered and also intrigued, alone but united with this mysterious knowing that you love this person but they’re too cool to say so. “Fuck it, I’ll just quit, every time we speak it’s just hush” This was the restlessness of wanting attention, but knowing with real love there is no need for words. So every time we spoke, it was hushed up feelings, because we could communicate with our hearts.

Wide Stripe Two Piece: Cat and King | Teardrop Necklace: Ippolita | On right hand Gold Necklace: The Shiny Squirrel | Gold Bracelet: David Yurman | Diamond Ring: Tiffany’s | Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Is Emeraldz possibly a small taste of what your upcoming EP about? 

Emeraldz is actually Track 4 off the new tape, and its definitely a taste of it. Davaughn, the producer, worked on 3 songs on the project with more of a kicking baseline, with equally somber lyrics. The lyrics on the entire tape definitely create a soundscape for things I’ve been struggling and dealing with over the past year, but I could never deprive my listeners of true emotion, even if its not immediately perceived as “upbeat” or “what I expected,” music is my expression and form of self reflection which I hope helps some of my fans. I don’t do what people expect of me.

With the term “Trazz” being created to describe your sound. Have you been faced with any difficulties with this new found genre?

Trazz being such an umbrella, and something I’m still experimenting with, its difficult to describe something so inclusive. I have encountered I guess trouble, with fitting my work into one genre, but I love trouble. The tape definitely falls under the umbrella, but this year I want to make a lot more focused bodies of work, under the theme Trazz. I might call it something like “Contemporary Trazz” and make a few tapes with artists that capture that sound so well, like Herrick & Hooley. Music is fluid, like me.

Speaking of your Ep, what is the significance behind the name 111 reasons? 

The name 111 Reasons just came to me. I have 11 tracks, and each one tells a story, it was like each song was a reason to love myself. And the number 111 reminds me that I am on the right track. This tape was me pouring my broken heart into a mold and fixing it all in one. It was 111 Reasons for me to stay alive, to keep loving, 111 Reasons to shine.

If you can describe your new EP in three words, what would it be? 

Hmmm… three words. I’d say ominous, rich, and timeless.

Dress: Alice & Olivia | Bracelet: Monki | Gold Bangles: Aldo | Earrings: Lang Antiques | Glasses: Forever 21 | Shoes: Lanvin

This coming year do you have any tour dates or performances lined up? 

Once the tape is released, I want to do a mini tour of the east coast in July, and west coast in August/September. This plan is still in the works, but in the meantime my favorite band of friends, Herrick & Hooley are going on a self made “Famous Honey’s Summer of Love Tour” of America which ill be performing at some dates. 7/12 in Los Angeles, 7/27 in DC, 7/28 in Brooklyn, NY.

Have you given any thoughts about exploring other genres? 

I’ve given more than thought to different genres. As some people know, I can rap and write elusive spoken poetry, and I love pure R&B (I have another strictly R&b tape coming this year.) R&B is what comes naturally to me, and most of my melodies are influenced by that without me noticing. I love house music, I have an unreleased house song that I love so much and I want it to have babies, so I have a lot of music to be making. That’s the best part of being an artist though, there are no rules.

Jumpsuit: Monzlapur | Shoes: Isa Tapia | Earrings: Aldo | Necklace: The Shiny Squirrel | Bracelet: The Shiny Squirrel | Ring Set: The Shiny Squirrel | Bracelet: A.Carnevale Jewelry | Ring: The Shiny Squirrel

Moving on, we noticed during the cover shoot your interest in the styling portion. Is that something you would like to pursue in stylist, creative direction or fashion design? 

I love styling myself and my life in general. I am my own stylist and always have been, since a kid. Any videos or shoots I work hands on, and I don’t see that really changing because its part of who I am. I built my success on individuality. Everything I do is art, I just treat my life like a canvas.

What trend or scene absolutely needs to die right now? 

Hate needs to die, along with judgement. I wish everyone could let each other live, (and not up to societies standard.) There is a place and time for all of us, we are so unique. Opinions have become so negative, no one can breathe or be proud of themselves. We have convinced each other that’s okay because were behind a screen, or alone with our friends. I receive what I give, therefore I give 110% of my love into the world around me, I am my own lover, cheerleader and best friend. I wish we spent the time that we complain and insert our opinions on positive encouragement, spreading understanding in stead of gossip. Lift one another up.

Given the opportunity, if you can design or style  any brand what would it be? 

If I could design or style for any brand it would definitely be Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

What’s one article of clothing or accessory you can’t live without? 

I can’t live without my chains.

So #ThisBitch is festive huh? Any special plans for your 18th birthday? 

I just can’t wait to be 18, I feel like I’ve been 18 for 5 years, it will be nice to finally be it lol. I want to have a huge party with everyone in New York invited, we’ll see 😉

Jumpsuit: Slashed by Tia | Bodysuit: Topshop | Earrings: Haarstick Jewelry | Bracelet: David Yurman | Ring: The Shiny Squirrel

 What’s the first thing you’re doing once you turn 18? 

I’ll probably get a tattoo… a temporary one (hi mom and dad)

Are you still in school? 

Yes! I am still working on graduating high school.

Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger | Romper: Ricardo Seco | Belt: Top Shop Boutique | Earrings: Ippolita | Swarovski rhinestone stockings : Pink Vixxen | Heels: Han Wen
Candy striped bodysuit with matching Pants: PH5 | Earrings: The Shiny Squirrel | Ring: Beladora

 #Seventeen, Is the question, what was your favorite time when you were 17? 

My favorite moment of being seventeen was living in Los Angeles with my mom, it was a dream come true for me I never saw myself in LA, being a NY girl. We got to grow really close and I will never forget our time there, I learned so many lessons that I’m glad I learned at 17.

 What can we expect from you for the rest of the year? 

This year, expect a lot of new visuals, live performances and multiple projects! But as I always say, expect the unexpected.

One love,
Bralette: Moschino | Top: Slashed by Tia | Choker: The Shiny Squirrel | Earrings: River Island

Products used:

Makeup: Pat McGrath
Hair: Love Amika

This cover spread appears in the pages of TB42 Festive taken from the Festive Issue 2018; out now and available to buy here.

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Photographer: Alain Vasallo | @alainvasallo
Stylist: Jess Maldonado | @thepinkvixxen
Makeup: Tashi Honnery | @tashihonnery
Hair: Niko Weddle | @nikoweddle
Cover Model: Mallory Merk | @mallorymerk

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