Let's get stuck in a haze with Mia Rodriguez's new single "Superglue"

 June 10th 2022


 By Jess Maldonado


Mia Rodriguez really hit the ground running along with the many accolades accrued by Pop singer-songwriter in just one short year; include being named by Australia’s national radio station as a “triple j Unearthed Feature Artist”, as well as a prestigious “Unearthed Artist of the Year” nomination at the Australian Broadcasting Company’s annual J Awards, and “Best New Artist” at the 2021 Rolling Stone Australia Awards (where she also took the stage for an immersive, show-stopping performance of her single “Psycho”).

 Mia Rodriguez just released her latest single “Superglue” today June 10th. The dulcet-sounding melody depicts the act of letting go and healing oneself. Mia’s feathery vocals create an ethereal ambiance that lingers long after the song has ended in Superglue, a serene yet hypnotic tune.  

Join us as we get to know Mia better with an exclusive interview, deep-diving into her creative process and her musical journey. Mia Rodriguez is quickly becoming one of the premier emerging faces in the field of pop and indie music.

Photographer: Billy Zammit

1. “Superglue” instantly is one of those songs that catches you from the very first moment and fills you with a euphonious and dreamlike mood. What does this song mean to you as an artist?

It’s a very escapist song to me, I feel like I’ve always been a really sensitive person. The song is about wishing I could swim away into seclusion and heal myself.

2. Is there anything about this song and the emotions attached to it that makes the release different from others?

This song is more about myself rather than the experiences people have given me. I usually don’t like to open up, so this is kind of big for me!

3. Can you tell us about your musical journey? From “Emotion” to “Psycho” and now finally “Superglue”? How has Mia evolved from then to today?

I’ve evolved VERY much. I remember being so awfully shy in the studio recording “Emotion”. I was always an extremely quiet and shy kid. Now I’ve forgotten what shy feels like! I’m able to express myself much more.

4. I have the feeling that this single isn’t just some spur-of-the-moment release, I am sure there is more planned out. What’s the next step for you? What’s on the horizon?

Everything is so new to me right now! I couldn’t explore what feeling like a true musician was during covid. For 2 and a half years I had only performed live twice. Now I’m getting all these gigs and planning to travel overseas for the first time to do more work! So, just releasing more stuff and having fun being stupid on the internet.

5. Tell us a bit about yourself outside the music. Who is Mia and what do you get up to lately?

I either love going out with my friends and being the loudest person or rotting away scrolling through my phone in bed. No in-between. Some people like to say I have no filter, which is… true. I enjoy nerdy things and have a new hobby every week. This week is collecting Animal Crossing Amiibo cards.

6. What would you like to leave your fans with? Anything worth mentioning?

My new single “Superglue” is out now! The music video is pretty.










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