T-Shirt: Nitre | Pants: B Motion | Shirt: H&M

Lets Get Wet

Right before the high tide hits the shore, photographer Fabrizzio Valenzuela takes us for a swim in this online editorial. With fashion and modeling by Marko Leone, we follow as he makes his way through the shore, candidly and apologetically clad pieces by JJ Malibú, RD JNS, LAT and many more. Complete with immaculate hair and make up by Claudia Victoriano.

Photography & Retouching: Fabrizzio Valenzuela | @fabrizziovalenzuela
Styling & Model: Marko Leone | @leone.inc
Makeup & Hair: Claudia Victoriano | @cvictorianomakeup
Assistant Photography: Chomi | @schlomithernandezphoto
Audiovisual: Matias Poro | @matias_poro
Location: Reñaca Beach In Viña Del Mar, Chile

T-Shirt: JJ Malibú | Jacket: RD JNS
T-Shirt: LAT | Overoll: Vintage
Hat: Arena | Beattle: LAT | T-Shirt: JJ Malibú
Hoodie: Caterpillar | Pants: Raw | T-Shirt: JJ Malibú
T-Shirt: Coca Cola

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