You may recognize Plastic Martyr from her drama-filled run with “Little Women: LA” back in 2016 and appearing in the upcoming 9th season.  Plastic is a triple threat, model, singer, and actress. As an actress, she has appeared in roles on The Amazon Series “Transparent” and the comedy film “Scumbag“. Plastic Martyr is an advocate for the LGBT community, bringing awareness to human rights and trans visibility.  Most recently she has been signed to Capitol Records and will be releasing her latest single, “Love in The Dark” May 3rd. She is the first transgender artist to be signed to Capitol’s label.

Photo Cred – Photographer: LA Portrait Co & Stylist: Michael St. Michael

How did you get into music?

Music was always something I wanted to do ever since I was a kid. I remember being 10 years old and seeing Marilyn Manson perform at Ozzfest and was like, “Holy shit, I want to be a shock rocker when I grow up”. I instead became a fashion model at 14 years old and that derailed my dreams of doing music for a while. After I finished my transition a few years ago I knew this was the right time to start doing music. Timing really is everything.

If you could collaborate with any artist living or deceased who would it be and why? 

 I’d love to collaborate with Marilyn Manson since, after all, he was the one who inspired me at such a young age to want to do music. I feel like we are both fucked up and twisted in a very romantic poetic way. 
Photo Cred – Photographer: LA Portrait Co & Stylist: Michael St. Michael



How would you describe your sound? 

I like to describe my sound as “dark pop”. 


What kind of impression do you want to make on the music industry or even in pop culture?

 I’d like to humanize transgender people and make us mainstream in pop culture (especially in the music industry where we are still very under-represented). I’d like to shock people in a positive way rather than just being vulgar and over the top for no reason. I feel like so many artists these days try SO hard, and they end up losing their authenticity. I want to stay humble and true to myself and my audience. 


What can we expect from you? An EP or an album perhaps?

I’d LOVE to do a full album soon. At the moment I am still just doing singles, but hopefully, if things work in my favor I will be able to do an album soon. I want to know about your music. The single, Love in the Dark, is one of your new ones.
Can you tell me a bit about the song? 
Love in the dark is an anthem for anyone who has ever been degraded by a lover. This song was my therapy in a way, I always seem to have picked the wrong kind of guy and I’d get hurt over and over again. I needed to get that hurt and frustration out so instead of slashing my ex’s tires I thought I’d write a song about it instead. I like to turn my unsuccessful relationships into successful art. It’s also an amazing “fuck you” to the losers who hurt me in the past. 

Can you reveal the kind of music you grew up listening to? What kind of artists did you respond to as a child? Have those tastes changed now that you are older?

 Music was always my escape. I had a very wide range of music I grew up listening to, from Etta James to Fiona Apple even Alanis Morissette (who was my first concert ever at 5 yrs old). My music taste has broadened but also stayed loyal to the greats who I grew up listening to.   


Do you have any tour dates approaching? Where can we come and see you play?

 At the moment I don’t have any performances or tour dates coming up, I don’t feel like I have enough material to put on a crazy show. I don’t want to half-ass anything so I’d rather wait and make everyone else wait until I feel like it’s the right time. 

What advice would you give to artists coming through right now?

Stay true to your brand, and don’t try to be someone else. That other person already exists. Find what makes you unique and use that individuality to stand out. 


Where do you draw inspiration from? 

My inspiration comes from my real life. I’ve gone through so much that I could write 100 albums and still not cover everything. Usually, I write mostly about love or damaged relationships. I tend to be pretty dark with my writing.

With your music, is there any message you are trying to convey?

Yes, that you’re not alone. I want people to be able to identify with my words and music. I want people to understand that they aren’t alone in those feelings. 
Photo Cred – Photographer: LA Portrait Co & Stylist: Michael St. Michael


For your future plans, regarding music or anything, is there a type of vibe you’re going for, or are you just letting everything happen? 

 I am currently working on my 2nd single with Capitol Records. My producer Andrew Balogh and songwriter Gregory Fletcher are so talented, together we have created another awesome song. This next single will be VERY different from Love In The Dark and came from a part of my heart I’ve never written about until now.
Photo Cred – Photographer: LA Portrait Co & Stylist: Michael St. Michael
Check out her newest single, “Love in The Dark