Meet Designer: Dina Kabdolla

AyA by DK is a clothing line, founded by Dina Kabdolla. Dina is from Kazakhstan and splits her time between her homeland and Los Angeles. Her line reflects her fun and energetic personality, and features fun performance pieces along with sporty separates and chic ready to wear pieces. Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Christina Milian, and Billie Eillish have worn her designs. Aya is making a name for itself as a brand that creates its very own artistic and unique hand-drawn prints.

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1. How did you know fashion was your calling? Are you self taught or went to school? 

I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since I was 11 years old. By the age of 12, I already knew what university I would go to, by 16 I graduated from College of the Arts in Cambridge, and then I moved to Los Angeles. I never planned on moving to Los Angeles. That part happened spontaneously.
 2. Where do you pull inspiration for your pieces?
My biggest inspiration is my family and my daughter Aya. She’s my universe! My brand was named after her.
3. Describe your creative process? 
My creative process usually depends on my feelings, emotions, and inner peace. I also go to my wardrobe and as myself what I would want to have, and base my designs on that.
4. When was the moment that you felt your career/brand taking off? 
When we were selling at Nasty Gal. Once hat happened I felt that the AyA brand was accepted and that we had purpose for being in the industry.
5. What’s is your favorite piece you ever created?
I love them all! They’re like my babies! I can’t have a favorite! 

6. Favorite fabric you love working with? 

Novelty fabrics, natural, silk blends with metallic.
7. Who was your first major client/artist? How did it feel?
In May 2019 Paris Hilton wore our pieces for an interview with Numero Berlin. I couldn’t believe it!
8.  Do you have any new collections or projects in store for the new year? Could you indulge us in any information or small hints?
We are launching stores and production place back in my hometown Kazakhstan, and we are getting ready to retail more in the US. We will be LA fashion week this March , presenting our Fall/Winter 2020 collection.
9. Any new collections/projects coming up?
We will be LA fashion week this March , presenting our Fall/Winter 2020 collection.
Instagram: @aya_by_dk

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