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Born in Paris Based in New York, Madame Baloge is a jewelry and accessory line, founded by Patricia Baloge in 2016. Madame Baloge has made its mark with recognizable and iconic statement pieces worn by Hayley Kiyoko, Chloe x Halle, Cassie, Whitney Port and Kali Uchis. Each collection is made up of statement accessories that are designed for fun spirited women with a strong desire to express courage and originality through fashion. Madame Baloge carries a combination of edgy and elegant pieces that carry a touch of opulence. Each piece features a surprising mix of materials that create a strong yet harmonious contrast, making it impossible to ignore the uniqueness of the brand.

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1. So Patricia, we are literally OBSESSED with your pieces! How did you start your brand?

I started Madame Baloge a few years after I moved to New York from Montpellier (South of France) where I was raised. It was a pretty dark time of my life during which I was in search of myself. I wanted to have a profession that allows me to discover what was
inside of me and share that with the World. At the time I knew that there was something creative in me asking to come out so I decided to channel that energy into jewelry

2. Inspiration is found through many different areas of life, something ever changing and evolving. Do you have one driving force spurring you on?

I’d say that my inspiration comes from everywhere. It can come from distant memories, a texture, a color, people in the street, art, music… If it makes me feel something, it’s

3. We’ve seen Hayley Kiyoko, Chloe x Halle, Cassie, and Kali Uchis wearing your pieces. How does it feel? and what is your favorite part about being a jewelry designer?

I have to say that it feels amazing seeing such influential figures wearing my pieces. When I started Madame Baloge that was a part of the dream. I had visualized incredible people doing what they do best while wearing my jewelry. And yes it was a part of the dream at the time but it also felt unreachable, so the fact that it is happening tells me that I am doing something right and that I have to keep up with my vision. My favorite thing in being a jewelry designer is seeing women feeling good while wearing my pieces.

Cassie featured on Galore Magazine shot by Prince & Jacob

4. Describe your brand in three words.

Bold, unstoppable and unique.

5. What are some key challenges you’ve run into when it comes to running such a fast- growing business?

As a young woman starting a business I had to go through many changes within myself.Allowing the business to grow alongside me in the most authentic way as I am going through these changes was the challenge. I had to learn to be accepting, patient so that the brand could grow as I am instead of growing into what “it is supposed to be” We still have a long way to go in terms of reaching the vision that I hold for Madame Baloge. To me it feels like this is only the beginning, so definitely stay tuned.

6. Your pieces are always a show stopper, how do you keep your designs so energetic?

When I design a piece I always make sure that it will be an element of surprise or a conversation piece within somebody’s outfit. Whether it’s in the shape, in the combination of colors or through a mix of unexpected textures, I always want to create a space for wonder.

7. Can you please tell us a bit about the materials you have worked with?

I have mostly worked with gold plated brass, pearls, feathers and leather.

Kali Uchis featured on Crack Magazine shot by Molly Matalon

8. What is a current trend you don’t love?

Every Fashion trend to me is a good one to adopt as long as we truly recognize ourselves in it. Following the trend, with the sole purpose of following the trend, that’s the only trend I kind of hate.

9. What advice would you give to anyone just starting out in the industry?

I would say, make the jump and learn along the way. There’s no perfect time and mistakes are okay as long as they drive you towards growth.

Hayley Kiyoko featured on PAPER Magazine shot by JUCO 

10. What’s coming up next for you? Tell me about your vision – what’s your goal?

Madame Baloge taught me that anything is possible so as the avid music lover that I am, I have decided to pursue DJing alongside the brand. With a wonderful artist and good friend of mine we are starting an Afro-House party in New York City called “Chrome Tribe” that’s going to combine afro sounds and house music. This is all about to be an exciting adventure that I can’t wait to see unravel. As for long term goals, I can only say
that see big and I’m carrying on with my vision for the brand and myself.

My love for contrast is real. I get this warm feeling paired with excitement every time I come across creations made of elements that were initially unlikely to be put together. That constant search for accessories, clothes and other things that evoke my sense of surprise, led me to create my own line of accessory that would make women feel empowered through the boldness of what they are wearing.  Clothes and adornments are certainly not everything in life, but the more I experience the ups and down of my journey on this earth, the more I realize that the way I carry myself is a fun way of telling the world who I am without words.  Madame Baloge is simply another language that any woman can use to express her confidence and strength from inside out!”

By Patricia Baloge (Designer and Founder)

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