Dress: Adrian Krupa | Shoes: Adidas

Morning Haze

Exploring a subtle subject of mixed and shifting emotions while dealing with ambiguous states being. Follow as Małgorzata captures Wero within a mixture of the scenic local landscape and studio portraits, showcasing her beauty and the stunning designs she is styled with.

Art direction & photography: Małgorzata Popinigis | @mpopinigis
Stylist: Ewa Michalik | @ewamichalikcom
Model: Wero Zebrowska | @werozebrowska 
Makeup & Hair: Magda Szarzynska | @magdyszarzynska

Left: Jumpsuit: Weave. Right: Dress: MSGM
Left: Top: Maison Margiela / vitkac.com | Sweater: MSGM / vitkac.com | Shoes: Apia. Right: Jumpsuit: Weave.
Left: Dress: Vivienne Westwood / vitkac.com | Coat: Adrian Krupa. Right: dress MMC
Left: Cardigan: Alexander McQueen / vitkac.com | Trousers: MMC | Shoes: Apia Right: shirt: MMC
Left and right: dress: MMC | Shoes: Adrian Krupa
Left and right: bra: Senveniu | trousers: 1683 atelier.

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