“Petite Meller is flying high on eclectic single ‘Aeroplane'” – Earmilk

“the song transitions into an upbeat, eclectic, foot-tapping tune. Meller maintains this driving tempo throughout the song.” – V Magazine




 “Petite Meller returns with ‘Aeroplane’ & it’s a wild ride.” – Idolator

 “French pop is getting the reinvigoration it deserves with ‘Aeroplane’ from Petite Meller.” – Refinery29



Following the release of her critically acclaimed and #1 Hypemachine charted new single, “Aeroplane”, French pop artist, philosopher, composer and style icon Petite Meller joins forces with Danish producer Lazy Weekends to release the official remix to the track.  The “Aeroplane (Lazy Weekends Remix)” amplifies the high energy of the original for a feel-good summer jam.       Petite Meller’s unpredictable, undeniable, and upbeat “Aeroplane” follows the release of her critically acclaimed debut album Lil Empire and breakout hit “Baby Love”. The original track features Tribal North African wedding drums, rooted in the origins of Petite’s mother that give way to shimmering strumming before spiraling off towards a tropically-inspired bridge. Her voice careens from bouncy verses into an immediately irresistible call-and-response chant: “The way my body goes, high and low around the globe, the way my body goes, like an aeroplane coast to coast.”

What can we expect from you? An EP or an album perhaps?

My New Album!! I recorded with 40 piece strings in Russia. It was funny, as we did it via skype, but to see 40 people in suits sitting and playing your songs, it made me cry.  They usually play scores and then comes a pop song from Diane Warren. It was truly a larger than life moment. I’m constantly excited!!



From where do you find inspiration for your songs and music videos?

For “Aeroplane”, the music in Rio really inspired me. I traveled there alone, went to Baile Funk parties at the favélas. I even got robbed but it was the experience with working with producers in Brazil that made me in the vibe of “Aeroplane”. The Architecture, the dancing, South America. I also felt like I’ve been too much in the air then on the ground and I felt my body is literally becoming an aeroplane.

Photo credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

In the music video, literally you made history by being the first musician shooting at TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. How did that come together?

We are fans of that new futuristic architectural piece from the 60’s by designed Eero Saarinen.

The video was delayed but when we eventually got to film it was the exact time of the reopening of the legendary building, we knew that everything supposed to happen in the right time.


Can you tell me a bit about the song?

I wrote “Aeroplane” while traveling on an Aeroplane to Rio, as soon as I landed I fell in love with the Portuguese language of the stewardess. I recorded it which later was used on the song at the studio with Malcolm McCarthy(Bubba). The beat came from “Eskista” – a bird dance with a beat of 6 on 8. I wanted to show what happens when I put my headphones on and walk on the street. I start to lose gravity and fly.  Music has the power to connect us between borders and can take you anywhere. I’m carried by random people along the USA. They become a part of of the creation. The reference scene is Juliette Binoche in Bad Blood, where she is flying on the runway and takeoffs like an aircraft. 


Do you have any tour dates approaching? Where can we come and see you play?

I’m planning a tour soon so keep an eye on my instagram for announcements!



About Petite Meller

Petite Meller’s “Nouveau Jazzy Pop”, is often compared to electronic Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and a Bowish Nikka Costa. Petite often references philosophy, as she mastered degree in philosophy from the Sorbonne. She emerged in 2015 with her debut album Lil Empire and breakthrough hit, “Baby Love“.  Petite mesmerized the world with her ‘social pop’, unique styling and spectacular videos including “The Flute”, “Barbaric”, “Backpack“, “Milk Bath“, and ”NYC Time” which are little homages to Hitchcock, Tarkovsky and Antonioni. Petite’s signature blush and hand bandage represents the purpose of her music – to heal and overcome.  

About Lazy Weekends

Lazy Weekends is a 24-year slacker from Copenhagen. “Lazy” of Lazy Weekends was born during the care-free Spring of 1996 to his father, Joe Slacker, a lift operator and his mother Lazy Eye the librarian. During “Lazy’s” childhood nothing exciting really happened besides video games, listening to music and finding the most comfortable positions a lounge chair could give. The blessing in disguise came when “Lazy’s” FIFA 2008 crashed, but luckily, his friend Lenny had brought a copy of Fruity Loops and they started creating some beats. Lazy soon found out that is was super easy and chill to make beats and that he could make. 

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