On Ronni’s Block

Ronni Hawk, stars as Olivia, the self-confident family oriented teenage girl who’s priorities include hair styling and makeup, in the Netflix original “On My Block“. Hawk was born in Boca Raton, Florida, where she studied classical ballet , jazz and modern dance. At the age of 12, Hawk began modeling for various national commercials and print campaigns, soon after moving to Los Angeles and beginning her career.

1. At what age did you start acting? What was your first acting gig?

I started acting when I was 15. I actually moved out to LA very abruptly, I thought I would fly out for a day or two but I ended up being asked to stay by my team and it ended up working out nicely.

2. So far, do you have a favorite role you played?

So far I’ve played two roles for TV, but out of the two I would have to say Olivia in On My Block. I feel Olivia’s story-line was very unique and I love drama and I got to cry and show an emotional side on the screen.

3. Do you have a process or any particular method to prepare for a role?

I don’t really have a particular method to getting ready for a role other than doing as much research as I can regarding the project, the director, anything I can find. I work with my acting coach and we discuss the project and which angle I will go into the audition with for the role.

4. Could you tell us about your role on “Stuck in the Middle” ?

Playing Rachel for Stuck in the Middle was a fun character to play. She was very into herself and prissy. Since this was my first big role I feel I really learned a lot on that set.




5. Does your character Rachel reflect you in way?

Haha, It was fun playing a character opposite than myself. I would say Rachel and I have different styles but I had a lot of fun playing Rachel.

6. How was it auditioning for the role? How did you feel once you got the call back?

The audition process for Rachel was very lengthy.  Lots of callbacks, Producer sessions, testing and then finally the long wait to find out I got the role.  We actually shot the pilot and waited many, many months to find out the show got picked up but some of us were getting re-casted. Man, that was stressful! We then went on to shoot another pilot and then started filming the show.

7. Moving on, do you have any talents that no one knows of?

I feel my “special talent” is an animal whisperer. I love animals and I cannot live a day without many animals around me.

8. Any secret Hollywood crushes at the moment?

Actually at this moment no secret crushes






9. If you could play any role past or present, what would it be and why?

That’s too hard of a question for me right now!! It really tends to vary for me. Each year I find a character I would love to play. With each audition I find it fun to be the person they envisioned while playing a character.  


10. Other than acting, are you currently pursuing other opportunities?

I’m actually in my first year of college right now. I finish most of the work away from school and then go in to take tests. My life is so hectic and to add to everything I’m addicted to          traveling, so you can only imagine.







11. Could you walk us through a normal day in your life?

A normal day for me right now is a little hard to pin down, it changes from day to day. I sometimes get auditions the day of or night before so I have to research the project, work with my coach and juggle college. I have my pets to look after and that takes some time each day as well. Juggling the crazy schedules is part of the acting life but I love it!

12. Before we let you go, could you give some advice to other aspiring young actors?

For an aspiring actor I would say “remember what you wished for, it can change your life in crazy ways”. An actor gets a lot of rejection for you don’t get every job you go out for. You need to be able to handle that and not let it get you down. Have other hobbies or goals you are working on so you have several interests. It can get kind of lonely sometimes, long hours on set, or long periods of waiting or being away from home and family. Make sure you love what you do and it will all be worth it.

Clothing: Olivaceous
Jewelry: The Fainted Heart
Makeup products used: C’est Moi Beauty

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