Premiere: Listen Joyner’s new song, “Peaches”

JOYNER is an indie pop duo with sisters Summer Joyner and Torrey Joyner rounding out the lineup. Raised by their rebel father and conservative mother, the California natives picked up multiple instruments at a young age and began singing together, writing songs, and creating music inspired by the picturesque landscape that surrounded them. Fast forward through nearly a decade of musical experimentation, and in late 2017 JOYNER was born. The Los Angeles based duo sings in unison, diving in and out of harmonies in their airy, emotional, and dream-like vibrations. Featuring honest and vulnerable lyrics, the songs read as a diary giving a glimpse into an inner world, with soothing synth-augmented and minimalist rhythms painting the romantic soundscape you hear today.


Get familiar with JOYNER by listening to the premiere of their new song “Peaches” below.

Photographer: Morgan Demeter

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