This Bitch Issue 3: Festive


Growing up in the unforgiving heat of Miami, I never believed I would appreciate summer so much as I do now. The streets are more alive, people more festive, you cannot deny that summer holds a certain magic in the air. As I sit typing this letter overlooking central park I can’t help to reminisce about the hot Miami summers of my past. From the incredible long days spent on the beach, to exploring the everglades, farmlands, and lesser known areas the magic city has to offer. This same magic and comforting memories is what this issue embodies. Drawing inspiration from the 1974 hit “Summer Madness”, I want us to dive into a time where life was as free and alive as the promise of summer. With a heavy influence of a retro style, our team joined Mallory Merk to celebrate her eighteenth birthday and our one year anniversary with an incredible cover and story to bring this lively season to our readers.

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This Bitch” is brutally honest, showcasing all types of talent from writing to photography without any types of limitations, enthralling its readers with bold, poetic, and destructive content that will evoke a sense of wonder to those brave enough to accept a different view of the world of fashion, music, politics, and everyday life. The concept of “This Bitch” is to break boundaries, opening the minds of our readers to acknowledge the ideology of an adversely threatening concept to their own precepts and morals. The concept for “This Bitch” Issue 3 is a tell-tale book comprised of vibrant images, ideas, and visions.

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