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Sequined purple mixed color metallic evening gown: Claudio Cina

At the start of the year, Serayah hosted a vision board party with a select group of friends to set goals and manifest them for the upcoming year. Shortly after, we all were able to view a video of this intimate event posted to youtube Serayah offers instructions for what to write on a notepad.

“Write down insecurities, limiting thoughts, and fears—anything you’re going through. And then we’re going to crumble it up, throw it in the fire, and burn that ho.”

Despite the world being thrown off track due to the global pandemic, Serayah’s mission has remained the same. She isn’t letting fear or insecurities get in the way of her dreams. It’s no surprise that many of us know Serayah from her role on FOX network’s show Empire. From her first song on the show, you already knew she was going to be a key factor and a fan favorite! But let’s take a more personal look at Serayah and catch up with what this gorgeous actress, model, and singer is up to now.

Black ribbed bodysuit: Privacy Please | Tweed black flared pants with silver tinsel detail: Lysandre Paris | Wrap ankle with buckle closure heel: Sam Edelman | Rhinestone diamond gold hoops: Kenneth Jay Lane

Since the pandemic/quarantine has paused a lot of aspects of the entertainment industry, how have you kept your momentum going? Has quarantine been helpful for you creatively or the opposite?

 I started off in a panic just like everyone else. However, I saw quickly that the countless hours alone were very necessary. I recorded music a lot during the quarantine, and I also found time for projects I’ve always wanted to do like producing my own candle company “Raneé Candles.” Overall quarantine helped me in many ways; see the bigger picture, tap into my goals, become extremely creative.

 Yes ma’am you have been keeping yourself busy I see! Especially with your new single “Mr. Lover.” What’s the story behind the song? Honestly, I’m going to keep it real, the vibes, the sound, EVERYTHING is taking me back to when I was in middle school days. It’s refreshing to hear new music reminiscent of the golden era of R&B. The song is such a great R&B jam that clearly showcases how that well-versed you are in the genre.

 First, thank you so much! That’s my favorite era as well and the one I grew up admiring. “Mr. Lover” is about having a guard up while dating, which is pretty much me. It takes me a minute to fall into a situation, so “Mr. Lover” is basically speaking to those who need a bit more confirmation.

 In the music video, you and your dance partner were going in. Talk about your ability to put on a show.

 It’s my dream and goal to always present the best show possible. I hold myself accountable for all the greats I grew up watching. I want to touch people how I was touched, watching greatness on the stage. So my drive comes from knowing my ability to tap into my talent and give it my all.

 You can dance, act, sing! Your creative imprint is very unique. Take me back to young Serayah. When did you first become interested in the arts? Does it run in the family?

 I became interested at about 5 years old. I was told I danced in high heels that age lol I grew up watching Michael, Destiny’s child, Janet Jackson, I’ve always had a strong pull towards the arts and anything creative. Dancing runs in my family, and I was told my great grandfather was a jazz singer.

You have a very eclectic array of music we can’t get enough of! What can you tell us about your upcoming album, on one’s own? What can fans expect?

 My project is RnB with pop elements. I want my fans to know if I sing about it, I’ve been through it. This project represents me in my relationships, family issues, and so much more. It’s basically where they get to know the real Serayah.

 A lot of musical artists have expressed frustration with being penned into a single genre. Your music is so multidimensional — do you identify with a specific genre? What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t identify with a specific genre. I think it’s unfortunate we have to subscribe to a particular genre because artists like to be free so anything that traps us, restricts our creativity. I consider myself pop/RnB. 

 Any influences?

Anita Baker, Sade, Faith Evans, Sam Cooke, Michael & Janet Jackson, Bobby Brown

Overall, what do you hope people get from your music?

I hope they get inspiration and hope from my music and my story.

Black Silk Midi Slip Dress: Saint Laurent | Black and White shaggy scarf: NUDE | Small Shell Hoop Earrings: Oscar de la Renta | Wrap ankle with buckle closure heel: Sam Edelman

Ivory cropped blazer with Padded shoulders and buttoned cuffs: L’Academie | Ivory Trousers with split hem detail: L’Academie | Peach trench coat with different kutnu fabrics details: Kutnia | Gold dog clip chain necklace: Rebecca Minkoff | Gold Plated and Pearls Earrings: Vintage Chanel

Ok so I’m sure you get asked these questions often during interviews, but we gotta ask; especially being on an iconic show that will forever be in our hearts! When you first heard about the Empire, what were your thoughts? What was the audition process like for the role of ‘Tiana’?

 I was stoked! I auditioned twice where I had to sing and rap a verse of a song. I was extremely nervous because I wasn’t used to really big auditions. All my auditions and booking took place in one week, so the process was super quick. I couldn’t really process it at the time.

 Who and what are you going to miss the most about “Empire”? Also, any favorable memories of being on the show?

 I will miss the creative aspect of the show, the outfits, stage performances, etc.  My favorite moments of the show are when we spent 18-20 hours filming the best TV performances ever! I appreciate the time and effort the production, cast, and crew put into making sure we resembled the real ‘music industry’ as much as possible.

 I know things have probably shifted in your schedule a lot due to present circumstances, but apart from your upcoming album, any upcoming roles or cameos coming soon?

 I booked my first lead! A lifetime film ” Envy” coming this spring, and a BET film as well I’m really excited for.

Mesh black tank top: DSquared | Cream Safari style Jacket with gold buttons: Patou | Cream pleated pants: Ann Taylor | Ivory Crystal Layered Bubble Necklace: Lele Sadoughi

White button-up boyfriend shirt: Ralph Lauren | Silver wide Leather Belt: M.M LaFleur | Gold plated mini hoops: Natalie B. | Refined Tall Matte Boot in Clatter Grey: Hunter

You’ve already met and worked with some incredible artists. Who’s your dream collaboration now?


 I love all your positive affirmations on social media. Talk about promoting positivity on your platform and keeping it all the way real, especially with your merch LOVESZN. What’s your secret for staying grounded and true to yourself as an artist?

I grew up with a constant reminder to help others and to always be humble, so it’s just a part of who I am, thanks to my mom Gma and pops. Now I’m finding my own relationship spiritually, and I want my fans/ the world to find happiness and love as well.

Beige tweed trench coat with matching flare pants: Lysandre Paris | Beige cashmere bralette top: Khaite | Gold Double dutch chain necklace: joolz by Martha Calvo | Gold/green palm tree earrings: Kate Spade | Nude Patent faux leather ankle strap heel: RAYE

You have a really dedicated fanbase. Do you have a favorite fan moment or interaction?

 I have so many fan pages and I thank all of them! My favorite moment was when I hosted at the apollo in NYC and my biggest little fan came to me crying and even corrected some else when they said my name wrong, she was so sweet and I follow her and love watching her grow up. It’s awesome.

 What can fans look forward to from you in 2020 and beyond?

 Always look forward to new projects and music, but most importantly they can look forward to helping me bring together and unite the world in love, after all,
I am Serayah Love.

Cream knit faux fur sweater: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini | Lavender Cropped Jeans: TIBI

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