Si Las Meninas “Levantaran la Cabeza”


A collection, seeks to combine the most witty rocker strand of the Movida Madrileña as well as the silhouettes and volumes of the seventeenth
century seen in the famous painting of Las Meninas

My mother and aunts always tell me stories of how back in the day they were rockers and partied together in several bars in Barcelona, in the late 80s, early 90s. One of  my purposes in this collection is finding a way to address the joy my family shows when explaining their experiences, thus most of the garments have very bright and saturated colours. Niki de Saint Phalle and Parker Day’s work reinforces this universe of colour I have created. As my family lived the 80s decade and the Movida Madrileña. I also wanted black to be present in the designs. Choosing leather and the rock biker scenery Harley riders had, justifies why most of my pieces have details, cuts and fabrics used in motorcycling clothing. On the other hand, their stories about late nights out as well as my mother´s black and white surrealist drawings, have led me to creating some prints that remind me of the feeling of being drunk and not seeing clearly. Another objective of the collection is to bind my relatives with the painting of Las Meninas de Velázquez. It is my favourite painting for as long as I can remember. It seemed very ironic and amusing to be able to create a kind of “Modern Meninas” myself. The painting has inspired me and led me to choose volumes, making them an important characteristic of my collection, those ornate and huge dresses from the 17th and 18th centuries are also part of my imagination, so they could not be missing in my designs. The mix between femininity taken to the extreme of the Meninas, with the more masculine part of the rocker style and the bright colors, have helped me create something different, a little out of context and with a fun and exaggerated air that collects all my influences and builds the grounds of my final collection.

Press release by recent graduate Carla R Terradas


Fashion Design & Art Direction: Carla Rodríguez Terradas |
Photographer: Vinyet Feliubadaló | @byvinyet
Fashion Stylist: Leire Arregi Irureta | @leirearregiirureta
Makeup Artist: Leia Muñoz | @leia.ti
Makeup Artist Assistant: Silvia Lozano | @glazeddonnut
Hair Stylist: Maria Platero | @atravesdelart
Models: Antonia Tea Beros | @antonia_tea Agency: Two Management Barcelona // Patricia Petrasova | @patricia_petrasova // Sonia Meller | @sonia.meller Agency: Two Management Barcelona // Liana Serova | @lianchous13
Agency: Two Management Barcelona

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