Sofia’s World

It’s her world, we only get to view it

Meet Sofia Furio, an Argentinian artist who’s art captivates and wonders us in her eccentric artistic style. Growing up in Argentina, Sofia feels as if she never truly belonged in her home country, her artistic brain always strived to push the boundaries and recreate herself abroad or even transcending our own solar system …

I hope that aliens kidnap me one day, and I can truly belong

She conceives characters mimicking the different behavioral patters that a person creates throughout stages of their life, in essence creating a self-portrait of once own-self. Sofia also enjoys creating portraits to bring joy, nostalgia, and laughter to others. Mixing iconic Hollywood personalities, famous brands, and 90’s childhood cartoons; she creates a living collage, that overall produce a sense of absurdity, but with meticulous eye, conjure up an entailment of emotion.

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