Stay Flawless

“Having started my career in Miami, I learned very quickly the importance of being able to create hair and makeup looks that can withstand the intense humidity that comes with trying to shoot outdoors in Florida.”

I think learning how to apply makeup in the conditions of a South Florida summer was beneficial for me as an artist because I had to learn to overcome those issues from the get go. I have my own process that I like to use that works best for me when working in hot and humid environments. Prepping the skin is essential. Just as you would focus on prepping the skin in a studio, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Even people with oily prone skin must moisturize on a hot summers day. Prepping the skin helps create a more even and smooth barrier between your makeup and your skin.

Allowing the makeup to appear more smoother and natural on top of the skin.
My goal for outdoor shoots usually is to avoid layering on powder. To me, an overly powdered face is dated and doesn’t help when it comes to translating a models skin to the camera especially during the humid months. When your trying to do a “beachy” shoot you definitely want the skin to look fresh, dewy, and resemble actual skin. Majority of the time most people are not going to the beach with a full face and a ton of foundation on, so choosing a foundation formula that corrects the skin tone but also allows it to naturally breathe through is key. I really love Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro, the Sheer Pro or RCMA cream foundation.

A look into her Makeup Kit :

Generally, I start off with using a micellar water to clean off any excess skin or dirty residue. I have transitioned to only using cruelty-free skincare and makeup brands so I really like the Yes To Cucumbers Micellar water or Derma E Vitamin C Micellar water. The Next step is to moisturize. Oily skin or dry skin, you have to moisturize the skin in any weather. In hot humid weather I tend to choose a moisturizer that is very light or a gel like consistency to allow the skin to breath. For instance I love Water Balm by Sonia Roselli. For a general cream moisturizer Embryolisse latte Cream is one of my kit go-to’s.

After that, I always use a SPF. If you are really looking for natural makeup or a no makeup makeup look then a tinted moisturizer with SPF is perfect. I love mixing my RCMA cream foundation with an SPF. It makes the perfect tinted moisturizer. But i particularly like the Supergoop Rosemary setting spray that has 50 SPF in it.  So I can set the makeup with a refreshing mist that has no white flashback in photos. Add a little mattifying  powder to the T-zone, a creamy bronze eyeshadow, a cream blush, some chapstick or natural tones lipgloss and you got a true natural beauty look. The key to a natural, dewy, beach makeup look is making sure the skin and lips stay looking hydrated.

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