T.I.A.L.S. American Dream

It’s your dream, live it to the fullest.


No matter who you are and no matter where you came from, your dreams are never impossible to reach. This is exactly what what Stephanie Vermaas, founder and CEO of TIALS believes. Her newest collection “American Dream” brings that notion to life with her impeccable mixture of sporty styles and sensual aesthetic. Take a Look at this stunning collection below, and live out your American Dream along with TIALS!

Source: thisisalovesong.com

I designed this collection to remind myself that even in this political climate, The American Dream is still alive and it is still for everyone. Stephanie Vermaas, founder and CEO of TIALS.
I say this as a girl that moves here all the way from Bali. It’s liberating to know that the life that you want can be in your hands, and it is possible to make your dreams a reality.Stephanie Vermaas, founder and CEO of TIALS.
Source: thisisalovesong.com