Tag: Miami

In Motion

Caught in the moment. That is how Vasallo photographed this editorial with Malaika.

Agua Sagrada

Escape the winter chill with Iheb Derbali’s vintage tropical resort wear editorial in paradise.


Blazers: Vince & ASOS | Ties: Brooks Brother SHIFTED Sensational colour, sensational light, become enraptured by this exclusive editorial shot by photographer Jaakko Kastari. With styling by Mila Kastari, model Yuma Kawai…

Bratz on Break

Bratz on Break was inspired by the ultra-femme and playfulness of the stylistically iconic Bratz Dolls. The team centered the shoot around scenes of a high school year book portrait session, house…

Ya Tu Sabes, Let’s Eat!

Ya Tu Sabes, Let’s Eat! Getting to know the Miami culture like a home grown local he moment you land in Miami you are instantly transported to another world. There is no…