As one already knows Church is a safe haven for the faithful, where one attends to feel peace and serenity, or so it goes, right? Let me tell you, This Bitch has become a subscriber to the ever-expanding church of Poppy and we are loving every moment of it.

Poppy, the enigmatic YouTube star, the soft spoken internet sensation we’ve come to appreciate has become a staple in our generation, a figure in pop culture, blurring the lines between the norm and abstract, and Poppy seamlessly has gone far to make sure that division is non-existent. An individual so distantly alien yet so relatable, we’ve become avid believers of Poppy and I’m sure others would agree.

Collar: Ivan Bitton | Corset: Jessebelle Boutique | Panty: God Save Queens | Shoes: Francesca Bellavita | Ring & Tights: Complex Girl Store

How does it feel to have so many fans love and adore you? You’ve made such an impact and our generation can’t get enough of you.

I love my fans.

The art you’ve created is so unique, what do you wish to accomplish given the platform you’ve created for yourself?

I am actively doing it.

Aside from your time as an artist, what do you normally like to do on your down time?

I like to paint and style my cat named Pi.

Do you have any influences that you take inspiration from?

I am inspired everyday I wake up and I am influenced by everything around me at all times.

Headpiece: JimmyPaul | Dress: Annakiki | Shoes: Francesca Bellavita | Earrings & Gloves: Complex Girl Store

Poppy instills a strong imagery that fluctuates between something so dark yet ever so light, a visage that is not so easily erased from the mind.

What is the preparation like for you? Do you normally have a big crew to assist or a select few individuals to be a part of the creative process?

Titanic Sinclair and I make everything ourselves, everything starts with the both of us.

We’ve seen many of Poppy’s videos, each different from the last but one video in particular “X,” really showcased a rarity we haven’t seen in some time. “X,” a piece that comes in strong, showcasing a robust sensation of wonder and fear, has surprised many viewers for its intense imagery, fluctuating from a peaceful and demure tone, possibly relating to that of something peacefully whimsical, to a dramatically frightening and obscure representation of what we deem scary, and I’m LOVING it.

Shawl: Aida Novosel | Bow & Jewelry: Complex Girl Store

What was the inspiration behind “X” and how does it differ from other videos you’ve put out?

The video needed to be as chaotic as the song, I think we achieved that.

How much fun did you have transitioning from Soft Rock to heavy, almost Death Metal, and then merging the two genres?

X is my favorite song to perform live. It’s a culmination of everything that inspires me.

Was it fun removing the fake blood from your hair?

I enjoyed every second of it.

Are there any future titles we should be expecting that are to be within the same realm as the “X” video?

I’d say so.

has elevated to new heights, not only in music but in fashion as well, tantalizing the audience, close to that of addiction. Poppy sports pieces that are fit for the harbinger of her own church, fantasy incarnate; The Mad Hatter meets The Warrior Princess, poised and monolithic, gracefully staring into the camera, she draws you in to the wondrous aesthetic that has been created to show a blooming force that cannot be denied.

Poppy is undeniably a superstar in her own rite and her fans would agree, the fans we’ve come to know as “Poppy Seeds,” the dedicated fans of the illustrious songstress, following her every move; hidden messages in music videos, live performances filled with allusions to her works of art, Poppy Seeds wait patiently for the next move of their beloved idol.

Bra & Panty: Hardeman | Skirt: Anee | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Gloves: Malan Breton | Tights: Complex Girl Store | Cage: Aida Novosel

Are there any hobbies you have that your fans wouldn’t think of?

I paint and I like to design fabric.

How does it feel to have so many people love you and your work?

It’s nice and appreciated but I don’t think about it often. I am thinking about what I am going to give to them to eat next.

Bodysuit & Shoes: Jessebelle Boutique | Earrings & Gloves: Complex Girl Store

Going back to the Poppy Seeds, the love that Poppy receives from her fans is very much reciprocated. Poppy has nothing but adoration for the fans that follow her on her journey and she makes it known when asked if she had fans that she particularly remembers throughout her career.

Yes, and I could name them by name but they know who they are. I have a group of fans that followed me throughout Europe when I toured there for the first time and they use Poppy.Church to coordinate meet ups within the community before shows. I have fans that come to my VIP experience with the most beautiful art. I save all of it – and I mean all of it. On tour my manager will run back in the venue to make sure we picked up ever work because he knows how much I care about it. I want to have a gallery show in LA one of these days that’s only the fan’s art.Poppy
Alongside Poppy is an individual that works behind the scenes, the elusive Titanic Sinclair, a creative head in the development of Poppy’s image and we have him to thank as well, for the many wondrous videos Poppy has released throughout the years.

Tell me a bit of Titanic Sinclair, you two have been working together for quite some time. How did you two initially meet?

We met in Los Angeles. He told me he was a director but he didn’t want to make videos anymore. I convinced him to work with me.

I’m sure I’m speaking for your fans when I say that we feel a strong connection towards when we watch your videos and listen to your music. How is the process for you and Titanic? When creating content? Is it quick and spontaneous or are the creative sessions long?

We have filmed over 500 videos together – We make what inspires us.

One final question, as the Church of Poppy expands, naysayers are sure to rise. Do you have any words to share, to enlighten them on what your mission is?

Poppy.Church is a collection of passionate individuals. We all have a common goal – to bring happiness to the world and create things that didn’t exist before.

Top: Mietis | Panty: God Save Queens | Necklace & Tights: Complex Girl Store

Poppy is paving the way for many aspiring artist and yes, it is PRESENT-tense, not past-tense, for she is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Waves and waves have been made by Poppy and her enticing persona, whether you love it or not, will not be disappearing any time soon and we know that for a fact. This Bitch over here has had the privilege of getting to know this beautiful character and we are gleefully pleased. To the Church of Poppy, may it continue to grow and flourish.

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