Vibe with Liana Banks

Meet Liana Banks, the girl who came onto the local music scene with conviction and a presence not to be ignored. Before you have time to notice her head of bright neon green hair, the first thing that will strike you about Liana Bank$ is her bold energy

Liana Bank$ was born in Manhattan, raised in Queens and she grew up surrounded by a family of accomplished musicians who performed on Broadway and also sang both jazz and gospel. She’s been a professional songwriter since her late teens with prestigious producers like Scott Storch, Jerry Wonda, and JR Rotem, submitting songs for artists including Nicki Minaj, Justine Skye and Rihanna. She has since written songs for PnB Rock (“Selfish”), Lily Allen, and more. She has had music placed on Ballers (HBO) and recently wrote the lead song for the new Lee Daniels musical TV drama, Star (starring Queen Latifah and Lenny Kravitz). Since riding her wave of success from all her songwriting, Liana is keeping her momentum up with her new debut song “Bad Manners”.

This Bitch was able to have a chat with Liana Bank$ to get to know her better and get a better understanding about her Influences. Read Below and check out what she has to say.

Fringe Jacket & Shorts Set : Angelique Walker | Top : Palace skateboard | Sneakers: Nike | Clutch: WXYZ Jewelry | Earrings: The Shiny Squirrel | Rings: Amadoro Boutique | Lip gloss: Poppin Hoez

When did you start music? Who and what were your early passions and influences ? 

I started writing at 8. As a kid I would write songs that made me feel powerful. Rebellion was big in my artistry as a young child. Truth has always been my influence. I’ve had an eventful life. Lots of up’s, lots of down’s. I’m able to pull so much from my own truth.

Bad manners is one of our favorite songs! What was the inspiration behind that song? 

Thank you! “Bad Manners” was inspired by a guy I was crushing on. We flirted with each other for sooo long, but neither of us was bold enough to make the move. I wrote the song accounting for the things I wish I’d have said back then.

Top: Matte Brand | Jeans: Misguided | Necklace & Brooch: The Shiny Squirrel | Rings: Amadoro Boutique

 Who’s the one artist that you dream of collaborating with? Dead or alive? 

She’s Resting In Power right now but l would give just about anything to work with Nina Simone. Her truth cut through her lyricism like a machete. She was fearless, honest, raw, & vulnerable but still undeniably strong. Her vocal prowess was unmatched! A true artist !

What was the last song you just listened too? 

I actually Just wrapped a mini bedroom twerk sesh to “ Booty “ by Blac Youngsta lol I’m pretty much obsessed with that song.

 Who is an artist you listen to that people wouldn’t expect you to? 

Imogen Heap! She’s one of my favorite artists. I love her vocal arrangements & odd, almost haunting harmonies.

Top: Fashion Nova | Bralette: WXYZ Jewelry | Necklace & Bracelet: WXYZ Jewelry | Rings: Amadoro Boutique | Shoes: Jeffery Campbell | Clutch: Jennifer Le

What are your main impulses while you’re in your musical process? 

I like to create a mood. I have a habit of messing with the lights to reach my desired mood. Sometimes I sketch for a bit before actually writing, if I’m home my first impulse is to run a flower bath. I love writing in the bathtub near candlelight.

What do you do on your downtime other than music? 

A bunch of things that I shouldn’t be doing. Lol 🤫

Top & Bralette: Pretty Little Thing | Pants: Babes and Felines | Rings: Amadoro Boutique | Earrings: The Shiny Squirrel | Bracelets: The Shiny Squirrel | Bag: Forever 21

Should we expect an EP soon? Or any music videos? 

Both! I have some SICK visuals on the way! My E.P “ APT. 210” will be available at the top of August!

In three words, how would you describe your sound? 


 What’s in store for the rest of the year? 

Quality & Consistency are my primary focuses for the rest of the year! I haven’t been able to be as consistent as I would’ve liked in the past. I’m putting an end to that. After “ APT.210”, I’m not letting my foot off their necks !

Jumpsuit: Fenty SAVAGE | Lingerie: Moschino | Shoes: Stolen Stories x Onarins | Belt: The Shiny Squirrel | Earrings: Farradas Knits | Rings: Amadoro Boutique | Lip gloss: Poppin hoez

Stream Liana’s latest song, “Bad Manners” below and be sure to grab it on Apple Music.

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