VITA Shares Stunning Visual for “YTB” Featuring Flatbush Zombies’ Meechy Darko

VITA Shares Stunning Visual for “YTB” Featuring Flatbush Zombies’ Meechy Darko

Date: July 6th 2022
Interview by: Jess Maldonado


VITA is making mosh pit revolution music for a generation who feels their emotions completely. DRIVE encompasses mosh pit energy, with lyrics that hit and a beat that punches, this song is hard to contain between genre lines. 

YTB display’s VITA’s strong and passionate vocals, over a hard-hitting beat and tough, in-your-face lyrics. The track features heavy production by Naz, and, accompanied by VITA’s knockout-style vocals, her second visual is sure to turn heads. With a feature from Flatbush Zombie’s Meechy Darko, the track is true to VITA’s signature rap-rock hybrid sound that can hardly be boxed in by a genre label. 

About VITA:

Hailing from East Killara, Sydney, Australia, multidimensional artist Vita is pushing the boundaries of society, and teaching her fans to do the same. Inspired at an early age from her mother, Helen Libre, who is a jazz singer and samba dancer, Vita calls on her earliest memories for inspiration in her music career today.

She draws inspiration from her parents, who have been a driving force in her passions for both music and activism, forming both into a pivotal part of her life and her art. Vita, who was named after her great aunt who died in the Holocaust, has carried the power of her ancestors with her throughout her artistic journey. That strength is evident in her music, and the way that her art makes listeners feel. 

With musical influences that range from Rihanna to Kevin Parker to Rage Against The Machine, VITA’s sound is impossible to define with modern language. Her craft defies genre lines, and forces fans to envision a separate world where her music lives. Born in the age of information, Vita has had no lack for sources of inspiration. Despite her wide range of influences, Vita has had her sights set on creating something truly unique with her music, and her debut as an artist will unveil that she has well surpassed her goal. She is not content with anything that limits her within society, and her music speaks to the generation that shares those values. 

“I want to encourage people to always fight for what is right and do it as loud as possible. This music is supposed to make you really feel something. We’re all angry, we all want change, we all want to feel like we can be ourselves.”   

Press release by Amethyst Collab


1. Who is Vita? Can you please tell our readers about yourself?

An anti establishment, anti capitalist, anti authority, Australian menace. I’ve been performing and writing music since I was a 3 years old. It’s the way that I’ve experienced the world and navigated my own personal growth. I’ve learned that one of the main things that defines my music and who I am is catharsis by any means. My ep LIBRE is a exploration of personal freedom. My freedom is emotional and sexual  liberation, reclaiming myself for myself and redefining power as vulnerability. 

2. How would you describe your sound? Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw most of my inspiration from Australian punk and psychedelic rock. My identity aligns with the rebellious nature of punk and how it subverts societal and musical norms. My sound is abrasive, vital, hard hitting drums paired with punk baselines that create the bedrock for soulful and emotionally evocative melodies. During the making of this EP I listened to a lot of QUEEN. I was inspired to make music meant for a stadium, anthemic songs that were succinct and powerful enough to deeply impact my listeners and hopefully inspire change within them. 

3. What’s the backstory of your new single YTB?

During the making of YTB I was extremely emotionally vulnerable. I was in the process of unlearning and rebuilding after a tumultuous relationship. I was infuriated that I had surrendered my agency to someone else for so long and in this song I made the decisions that my empathy would no longer be a part of my weakness, but it would be my ultimate strength. It was a declaration that I would stand in my truth no matter what and never allow myself or anyone else to underestimate me. 

4. What kind of impression do you wanna make on the music industry or even in pop culture?

My goal has always been to push the boundaries of what can be commercially successful. Challenging the status quo and social norms is a huge part of my art and  I think music culture at the moment is totally oversaturated with regurgitated sonics. I’d like to be a pioneer of originality and individuality as well as honest emotional exploration. 

5. What are some key components to your creative process? 

Personal interrogation and introspection are fundamental to my writing process. In order to express myself within my art I dismantle my current emotional experiences and investigate their root causes. Story telling is the most prominent driving force in my art and my goal is to relate the stories of my own personal growth and revelations in a way that my listeners can vicariously experience. My goal is to be intentional with every piece of a narrative. Any challenge I face can become a whole universe if i allow myself to explore it. 

6. Do you have any new music or projects in store soon? Could you indulge us in any information or small hints

I have a lot of music coming this year which is very exciting. We’re in the process of wrapping up my next EP at the Moment. It’s sounding like me, which is all I can ask for. LIBRE was very much a physical and emotional release for me. I’m in a much different space now as a woman and I’m excited to introduce this newly evolved version of myself. I love to be experimental and genre bend so that can absolutely be expected for this next project. 


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