Hat: Toussaint L’Overture | Shoes: Valentina Rangoni | Belt: Charles & Ron | Dress: Masaki Matsuka | Bra: God Save Queens | Long Plaid: SNIDEL USA | Jacket: Paraval

Welcome to Los Angeles

This stunning editorial by photographer DMITRY KRIKUN is packed with LA glamour. Erica Mer vibrantly styles our model Courtney Paige Nelson with a care free attitude in pieces combined in textures and pops of colors to create a vibrant shoot.

Shirt: Bohemian Society | Jacket: Molly Bracken | Clutch: Mercedes Brunelli | Earrings: Iris Trends | Wristlet: Potrol
Shoes: Charles David | Skirt: Molly Bracken | Vest: Bohemian Society | Hat: Toussaint L’Overture | Rings: Iris Trends | Earrings: Iris Trends | Shirt: Masaki Matsuka
Plaid set: Topshop | Shirt: Lili Sidonio | Jacket: Hania | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Ring: Benitez Jewelry | Earrings: Iris Trends | Clutch: Black Sea
Jacket: Hania
Jacket: Bohemian Society | Bra: God Save Queens | Dress: Lotuz | Ring: Benitez Jewelry

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